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Immigration Consultants in Lahore Pakistan | UkvisaconsultantsImmigration Consultants in Lahore Pakistan | UkvisaconsultantsImmigration Consultants in Lahore Pakistan | Ukvisaconsultants

A Guide to UK Immigration from Pakistan

A Guide to UK Immigration from Pakistan

The highly developed economy of the United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world providing great employment, business opportunities, healthcare services and other fringe benefits to its natives.

People from all around the world visit UK as it has many tourist attractions and also to settle there in order to enjoy the benefits given by the government. For these reason many people wish to immigrate to the UK. Most people from Pakistan migrate to the UK for work or UK settlement purposes. The UK Home Office immigration policies have become stringent making it difficult for the applicants to enter the country however, a person with a genuine reason to enter and authentic documentation would not be barred from entering the UK.

UK Visa Consultants are a team of professional UK immigration lawyers counselling clients on preparation of UK visa applications and relevant documentation.

Having a team of solicitors and barristers in the UK, we provide complete representation for our respected clients. Those individuals who have been refused settlement visa or any other entry clearance to the UK should not be disappointed and hire the best UK immigration lawyer for a better assistance.

UK Visa Consultants are expert in challenging refusals and preparing their clients’ Judicial Review applications and or appeals.

A large number of Pakistanis apply for different types of UK visas from Pakistan, which are:

  • UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is a point based system which permits an applicant with his / her family members (spouse / partner and children under 18 years of age) to reside in the UK by investing a minimum of £ 200,000. The funds of £200,000 could be owned by the applicant or arranged by a third party. Under this business category, a Genuine Entrepreneur test has to be cleared along with other requirements such as maintenance and English Language Test Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference. For complete guidance on Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa UK from Pakistan

  • UK Tier 2 General

Applicant intending to work in the UK could apply under UK Tier 2 General and obtain entry clearance or leave to remain, provided a UK based employer has sponsored him/her. The employer has to be licensed in the UK in order to sponsor an overseas applicant. The main requirements to qualify for this work visa category is having a licensed sponsorship, maintenance funds and passing of English language test at CFER level B1.

  • UK Spouse Visa / Settlement Visa UK

An applicant whose spouse is a British national or has indefinite leave to remain in the UK could apply for UK spouse visa or settlement visa UK from Pakistan. The sponsor and the spouse have to meet certain criteria set by the Home Office in order for the UK spouse visa to be successful. An evidence of per annum earning of at least £18,600, with additional £3800 for the first child and an additional £2400 for each additional child, of being 18 years of age or above, with both having met in person, of being in a genuine and subsisting relationship, and intending to live together permanently and with the applicant having passed an English Level Test at A1 Level is required. For complete guidance on Spouse Visa UK from Pakistan

  • UK Tier 5

UK Tier 5 visa is classified into sub categories which are Youth Mobility Scheme, Religious Workers, Charity Workers, Sporting and Creative, Government Authorized Exchange and International Agreement. Each category has specific requirements and an applicant has to meet the criteria set by the Home Office when applying for any of the sub categories.

  • UK Visit Visas

If you are planning to visit the UK for any reason, you need a visa. To get a visit visa, you must satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer at the British High Commission in Pakistan of your intentions of returning from the UK after the completion of the visit. Once you are in the UK any breach of the visa restrictions would have dire consequences.

  • UK General Visit Visa for tourism

Every year, the British High Commission receives a great number of General Visit Visas applications from Pakistan. The applicants who desire to visit the UK for tourism purposes are advised by the UK immigration lawyers to apply under this category and not UK family visit visa category. The General Visit Visa to the UK can be of different durations; for example for Long Term Visa UK, you can apply from two to ten years of visa. For complete guidance on General Visitor Visa UK from Pakistan

  • UK Family Visit Visa

The Family Visitor Visa allows Individuals from Pakistan to travel to the UK with the intention to meet their family and friends living in the UK. Documents required for the UK Family Visit Visa depend upon the applicant’s personal circumstances therefore a list of documents is different for everyone. The duration of stay should not be more than six months in one go. If you need more information, then UK Visa Consultants can answer your queries. For complete guidance on Family Visitor Visa UK from Pakistan.

  • UK Business Visit Visa

Many businessmen from Pakistan travel to the UK on Business Visit Visa to carry out certain economic activities. Those visitors, who intend to visit the UK for a short period of time for business activities, may apply under the following categories:

✓ Academic visitors

✓ Religious workers

✓ Visiting professors

✓ Film crew

✓ Teachers travelling with students

✓ Consultants, Advisers, and Trainers

✓ Representatives of overseas news media

The applicants are advised to meet all the necessary requirements set by the Home Office before applying for Business Visit Visa UK. You can contact our UK immigration lawyers for more information.

UK Visa Consultants being one of the best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan could assist you with preparation of UK Business Visa application. A detailed consultation is provided to the applicants to gauge their economic, personal and familial circumstances in Pakistan in order to maximize approval chances of UK Business Visit Visa application. For complete guidance on Business Visitor Visa UK from Pakistan.

  • Medical Visitors from Pakistan to the UK

The United Kingdom is known for its advance healthcare services and modern medication. Healthcare facilities provided by the government and private medical institutions have a world-class reputation in terms of technology and quality of services. Therefore, patients who want to travel to the UK for private medical treatment may apply for the UK medical visitor visa from Pakistan. Applicants are asked to meet the specific requirements, according to their circumstances. They are advised to provide the evidence of their medical history, treatment to be undertaken in the UK and the expenses to be occurred. Their treatment process must not be more than six months. Moreover, the applicants of the Medical Visit Visa for the UK will not have permission to take paid or unpaid job in the UK. For complete guidance on Medical Visitor Visa UK from Pakistan.

  • Entertainer visitors from Pakistan

This is the category of visa that allows entertainers, artists, designers, performers, assessors, media personnel from Pakistan to partake in any charity event, art festival or music competition declared by the Home Office. Visitors entering the UK on the entertainer visa must be above 18 and should not stay for more than 6 months. All the expenses must be endured by the applicant without having to recourse to the public funds. The immigration lawyers at the UK Visa Consultants provide assistance on every step. For complete guidance on Entertainer Visitor Visa UK from Pakistan.

  • Permitted Paid Engagement visa UK from Pakistan

An applicant invited by a UK based organization, client or a company without having to be sponsored under the point based system can apply for Permitted Paid Engagement Visa UK from Pakistan. In order to obtain Permitted Paid Engagement visa UK, the applicant has to comply with the Home Office criteria. For complete guidance on Permitted Paid Engagement visa UK from Pakistan.

  • UK PLAB visa for doctors

Medical graduates, who wish to take the PLAB (Professional & Linguistic Assessments Board) examination, can apply for the PLAB Visa UK from Pakistan. The General Medical Council stipulates the doctors to pass PLAB 1 prior to taking PLAB 2 examination. Applicants would have to give documentary evidence of test date and their eligibility to qualify for PLAB 2. PLAB Visa UK is granted for six months however, an extension could be made for undertaking clinical attachment if the applicant has passed the Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test. For complete guidance on PLAB Visa UK from Pakistan.

  • Appeals against the refusal

In case where Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) has refused a UK visa application and no right of appeal is granted, the applicants can still challenge the refusal by opting for Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal of the Asylum, within 90 days of the refusal. A Pre-Action Protocol notice is required to be sent to the Home Office in the UK prior to the Administrative Review. We at UK Visa Consultants provide complete solutions to our client for Judicial Review in the UK High Court. Our team of lawyers and barrister in the UK are fully equipped to deal with such matters. We not only assess your documents meticulously but also provide you with a step-by-step procedure to follow.

Our experienced and qualified professionals at UK Visa consultants have expertise in the UK immigration laws and are apt at providing the best possible solutions for the clients seeking to obtain UK entry clearance.

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