Schengen Visa from Pakistan

Schengen Visa From Pakistan

Are you a traveller, an ardent admirer of nature, planning vacations, intending to meet your family or deciding to explore new business opportunities? Visit Europe because it has it all these from diverse culture, breath-taking landscapes, mesmerising architecture, advanced and dynamic economic model, high end brands with quality products to tantalizing exotic cuisines.

Schengen Visa Countries

The list of the countries that fall under the Schengen Agreement includes:

The Schengen visa countries do not include the United Kingdom, Croatia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania.

One should hire the Services of expert Schengen visa consultants for detailed guidance and professional assistance for Schengen visa application from Pakistan. UK Visa Consultants, based in the city center of Lahore, have a team of experienced Schengen immigration lawyers and attorneys. We offer complete counselling on how to apply for Schengen visa from Lahore Pakistan including filling of Schengen visa online application form for Pakistanis, Schengen visas requirements, Schengen visa processing time, Schengen visa fee, Schengen visa travel insurance and Schengen visa validity period and duration of stay.

Applicants who intend to meet their family, relatives, kin, or visit Europe for tourism purposes should apply for Schengen Tourist Visa. Those who plan to have a business trip could apply for Schengen Business Visa from Pakistan. As UK Visa Consultants have provided successful counseling for a great number of Schengen visas applicants from Pakistan; our clients trust us with the responsibility of their case preparation, having complete faith in our expertise.

Schengen Visas Requirements For Schengen Tourist Visa

Amongst others, the Requirements of Schengen Tourist Visa documents are as below:

Schengen Visas Requirements For Business Trip

Applicants who are non-European citizens, intending to travel to Europe for attending business conventions, seminars, negotiate a deal, participate in a trade fair/exhibition, or explore the economic market require a Schengen Business Visa in order to travel in the Schengen Zone freely. The following are, amongst others, a unified exemplar of Schengen visa requirements and documents:

Schengen Visas Processing Time:

Once you submit the Schengen Visa application with complete information and relevant documents, it could take 30 days days for Schengen Visa to be processed. For some cases, Schengen Visa processing time might extend up to 2 months depending upon the individual case.

Schengen Visit Visa fee

Schengen Visit Visa €80

Schengen Visa (Children 6 to 12 years of age) €35

Schengen Visa (Children under 6 years of age) €0

Schengen Visa validity period and duration of stay

Schengen Visa holders can stay up to 90 days within a period of 6 months. It applies for both Schengen Tourist visa and Schengen Business Visa. However carefully look at the validity of visa because at times visa duration and conditions are different than the above period.

Your appeal will heard in first-tier tribunal where the judge will review your application. If you receive positive feedback from the judge, you will be notified within 3 to 4 weeks about the decision and the home office will retract their decision. On the other hand, if your appeal is not successful, you can appeal to the higher tribunal. However, whether you can appeal to the higher tribunal depends on whether you have granted the right to do so.


Schengen Visa travel Insurance

An applicant who intends to apply for Schengen Visa from Pakistan needs to secure a travel health insurance policy from his/her native country before travelling. The travel insurance policy is required to cover any medical emergency with hospital care and the cost of return to the home country for medical purposes. The health insurance should cover expenses up to 30,000 euros depending on the number of days of stay and valid for all countries falling under the Schengen Zone.

Why Choose UK Visa Consultants for Your Schengen Visa Application?

UK Visa Consultants have been providing valuable counseling for Schengen Tourist Visa and Schengen Business Visa to clients living in Pakistan and overseas. We have a large number of clients in South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, etc. Our highly qualified team of lawyers and immigration attorneys assists clients with many aspects of the Schengen Tourist Visa application. We walk them step-by-step through the essential stages of the application process and provide complete guidance on relevant documentation.