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Our Story


We’re from you, for you.

Visa application process is complex and rejection is further frustrating. You don’t understand all the itsy-bitsy technicalities and no one is ready to tell them to you or posses the requisite expertise. Your time gets wasted. Your money gets wasted. You feel humiliated. In 2005, we, a group of immigration law enthusiasts, sat together and vowed to save people’s time, money and dignity. Today, with offices in three international stations the world knows us as UK Visa Consultants. Since then, we have made friends – people like you – saved their thousands of hours and millions of rupees.

Why did we do it?

We believe in justice and fairness. For any immigration law firm in Pakistan, moral & legal values demand that not to skip the consultation part and jerk-start the application processes, which inevitably results into rejection of visa application. We know most people do it to snatch the green in your pockets. Something had to be changed and we stood for it.

So, how did we do it?

What is the ‘right consultation’? It’s the right communication. We knew that the right visa consultation can multiply your application’s success chances. So we brought international standards to Pakistan. Our Immigration lawyers are foreign-trained and highly qualified, understanding local knowledge and international visa laws.
We invite you over for a cup of coffee for a chit-chat. We listen to your needs and devise a bilaterally timesaving game-plan.
And finally, we process your application and see you off at the Airport – mission accomplished.

That was quick.

We save your time, we save our time and then we continue to help more of our friends.
Be it your business visa, be it spouse visa, be it appeal against refusal …. we have got your back!!

So, when are you coming over for coffee?

Google Reviews

Very professional people who know what they are doing unlike most the people in the market. Guys, if you want to get your visas done the first time without any rejection..this is the place to go!! Sir Ali is the best.
Usman Shaheen
13:39 13 Apr 19
Very professional and undoubtedly Sir Ali is the most competent person in Pakistan who deals with UK visa. He has guided me to get Uk visa on blank passport which seemed impossible. All other consultants were saying that UK Visa is not possible on blank passport but he made sure that i got it. Highly recommended if you want to get sincere advice on UK visas.
Asifa Rajput
08:47 13 Apr 19
Since 2009 my mother, brother and I have applied for different visa applications through Uk visa consultants. My mother and I have recently received UK nationality with their advice, although it was a long journey but these people stood by us whenever we needed their expertise.Now they are applying for spouse visa for my wife in Pakistan. The spouse visa process is complicated but with my personal experience I can say I’m in safe hands. My wife is happy with the progress of her application. Mr Sheikh is teaching in a law college and he has wealth of experience. I highly recommend this law firm to all those who are looking for honest and reliable immigration consultants in Pakistan, which unfortunately is a rarity. Thank you guys.
OMr khan
18:23 31 Mar 19
** Highly Recommended **I own a business and got refused 3 times before due to inexperienced professionals.. I visited alot of consultants in Lahore for my UK visitor visa application. I finally met Mr. Ali Sheikh at UK Visa Consultants and did not find the need to meet anyone else. He guided me, designed, furnished and presented my case in the best professional manner. I got my visa granted last week.. Mr Ali paid every attention to detail because my case was very tangled due to improper information in every application.. He only applied when he felt he was satisfied.. I highly recommend them for any visa related consultancy. They are honest and cooperative. Thank You Mr. Ali and his Team!
Ahmer Manzoor
18:58 28 Mar 19
I found them when my application was rejected earlier with a broken heart and I am shining heart today, thanks to these guys. While there are so many other consultants in the market, the most promising thing which distinguish them from others is their in depth knowledge of UK immigration rules. They know how to prepare and present the Case. If you want to visit UK, visit them first.
Logic Mount
07:53 15 Feb 19
I am a business man working in UAE. Due to current financial situation there I decided to move my business to UK but I did not know how to do it. Then I searched UK Visa consultants online. They listened to my requirements very keenly and after analysing my personal and business needs, they have given me a complete business solution to move to UK with my family. I'm very happy that I found them and I trust their abilities.
Mohammed Taimoor
18:46 13 Feb 19
its very hard to get 5 star in service industry because a lot can go wrong in blink of eye. i was in doubt about my application for UK visa and needed a review and for that i counseled UK Visa Consultants. They listen to your matter and then come up with a solution by studying application in depth. Commitment to customer service is worth mentioning, pep talks, discussion of possible out comes and how to over come hurdles in application. i recommend all genuine applicants who are in doubt or have been refused visa to consult them. my personal experience is great with them and i highly recommend them
Umair Ali
08:56 08 Feb 19
Ali Sheikh's guidance throughout the process of obtaining the US visa, after mine got rejected the first time, was indeed valuable. His keen eye to detail regarding documentation and most importantly his pep talks on confidence building are unmatched ! There are very few consultants who work so diligently and thoroughly. Stay blessed !
Sanam Wasif
16:35 31 Aug 18
If you want a sincere advice, this is a place for you. I have dealt with several people and organizations during my professional career but Mr. Ali is one of those few people I trust without any doubt. This trust was developed right from the first meeting we had. He never gives you false hopes and only present you actual situation. He is like a computer, it doesnt matter how many requests you make, he ll only move forward once he feels its gonna work. Regardless of result, I really thank Ali bhai for helping me in every step and providing me with sincere guidance.
usman bari
17:36 17 Aug 18
I was extremely happy and satisfied with their service. They really made me feel valued as a customer and handled my case with diligence. They were there for me throughout the process- from filling the application to giving me tips right till the moment my application got approved. I was dreading applying for this visa but they made it so seamless for me..thank you once again!
Unam Zaidi
17:09 31 Jul 18
UK Visa Consultants is one of the tops trusted firm in Pakistan. The team of UK Visa Consultants diligently listen and discuss each application for the UK's visa services. UK Consultants have a high calibre team with immense knowledge and experience to initiate and process the case of their clients which deliver the promising result. The sole intention of UK Visa Consultants to help their clients that exceed their expectations and satisfaction by prudently processing the client's cases. I would highly recommend the services of UK Consultants that saves your time and deliver the positive results with top quality services.
Ahmed Mujtaba
19:47 19 Jun 18
UK Visa Consultants have a different approach to case handling as they provide tailored solutions to their clients and inform the chances of success prior to commencing the visa process. They discuss all the pros and cons of the situation first and then to take the case. This approach seemed to me very reasonable and professional. Keep up the good work !
hassan ijaz
15:38 13 Jun 18
Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of UK Visa Consultants. The professional team at work with UK Visa Consultants have excellent knowledge of UK Visa Rules. They study and analyze unique situation of your case in great detail and provide the best possible course of action. Through out my interaction with UK Visa Consultants I felt completely satisfied with their response and timely support on every matter.Ali Javed and his team advise you to prepare your application in such a way that each and every aspect is covered leaving no place for the ECO to refuse your application.
Ahsan Umar
17:57 04 Jun 18

News & Updates

  • UK Visa Application Centres in Pakistan re-opening
    UK Visa Application Centres in Pakistan will open from the 27 July 2020. Customers, who were unable to reach their earlier appointment, can now make a new appointment online. Customers who had already completed their application but were unable to book an appointment can do so now.Customers coming to the visa centre may be asked ...
  • Suspension of visa services due to COVID-19 and lockdown situation in Pakistan.
    Due to the novel coronavirus, all UK visa application centres in Pakistan will remain closed until further notice. Applicants who have already made an appointment will have to reschedule it once the application centres re-open.  Visa application centres for Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands have suspended their operations till further notice. Embassy of Hungry and ...
  • The UK’s points-based immigration system: policy statement (Summary)
    With the exit from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) has embarked on a new journey that will require changing the current immigration rules. For this purpose policy statement was released by the UK Home Office on the 19 February 2020 that sets out the UK points-based immigration system. ...
Role of Immigration Consultants in a business Immigration to the UK

A UK business visa is one in which the UK obliges you with a residency if you are able to establish a successful business in the country within a given period of time. UK immigration lawyers assist us that now the UK government offers few different options in this regard and our Uk Visa Consultants can fast track your process in many ways.

From these options, the first is the recently introduced Tier 1 Innovator and Start-Up Visa, the second is the Tier 1 Investor Visa, which has been put on hold lately by Home Office and the third option is Sole Representative of an overseas business.

In this piece, our immigration consultants in Lahore specifically focus on the Tier 1 Start-Up, Innovator and Investor Visa. Tier 1 Start-Up and Innovator Visa is particularly for non-EEA residents, who wish to set-up a business in the UK. With an effort from our immigration consultants in Pakistan, it allows successful applicants to be eligible to enter the UK with the intention of setting up a business.

How Can Immigration Consultants in Lahore Help Me in ‘My Case’?

Our UK immigration consultants in Lahore have undertaken plenty of cases with a consistent reputation built on success. Our UK immigration lawyers understand the application processes. They can form a case that is unique to your specific situation. Furthermore, the reason we stand out is that our immigration consultants in Pakistan understand our client’s needs. This is the first and most crucial step towards the success of any visa application form. One generic methodology that may have worked for one individual to travel to the UK may or may not work for another individual.

Therefore, our immigration consultants in Pakistan work hard, from scratch, on each client’s case and prepare tailor-made drafts. So, you can call us or write to us directly. Our competent immigration consultants in Lahore will walk you through the process efficiently.

Tier 1 Innovator, Start-Up and Investor Visa Requirements explained by Our UK Visa Consultants.

As visa applications, you must meet with certain requirements for innovators startup and visas for investors. Our immigration consultants in Lahore set up your application that fulfills the requirements.
A basic requirement is that the applicant must be at least 18 years of age. Furthermore, the applicant must be able to fund his intended business in the UK. Our best UK immigration lawyers can thoroughly explain regarding this UK visa route­­­­­.

  • UK Tier 1 Innovator Visa

The first route of the UK Tier 1 Innovator Visa explained by our immigration consultants in Pakistan is to obtain a visa on the basis of £50,000 of disposable funds in possession. Furthermore, It also takes into account the amount owed by the third party and the amount previously invested in the UK by the individual. UK visa consultants in Lahore can explain this process in detail.

The new Innovator Visa is replacing the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Ukroute. This new category meant to please experienced business people. Applicants must invest £ 50,000 (most applicants will be exempted from £ 200,000) with a security deposit in their business from a legitimate source.

Immigration consultants in Pakistan | UK immigration lawyers

UK immigration lawyers with the UK Innovator Visa Route, successful applicants will lead to settlement in the UK. The requirements for UK Innovator Visa are given in part 6 of the new Appendix W. The 3 key endorsement criteria as similar to that required for the start-up visa route are; scalability, viability, and innovation. It is expected from the applicant to demonstrate the essential skills and the endorsers must be reasonably satisfied with him.

After three years of continuous residence in the UK, innovators are eligible to apply for ILR (indefinite leave to remain). But they must satisfy at least two from a list of criteria that relate to how many jobs they have created. Moreover, it also depends on how much business as they invested. Our immigration consultants in Pakistan can help you apply for the visa successfully.

  • UK Tier 1 Start-Up Visa

The UK tier 1 Start-up visa will be replacing the UK Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa route. It has been explained by our UK visa consultants in Pakistan that the key aspects of the start-up visa route are;

* An expanded version of the UK Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur. People who are establishing a new business in the UK for the first time

* Applicant does not need to be graduate. Does not need to secure initial funding

* Two years leave will be granted to successful applicants (earlier 1 year)

* To continue developing their business after the prescribed period, applicants may progress to UK Tier 1 Innovator visa category

Therefore, Applicants need to understand that a direct settlement cannot be given under the UK Tier 1 Start-up Visa route. However, they may switch to UK Tier 1 Innovator Visa after fulfilling all the set requirements. Under the new Appendix W, Part W5 specifies certain requirements for the start-up visa route. Our UK immigration consultants in Pakistan can walk you through the process.

  • UK Tier 1 Investor Visa

With the introduction of the Statement of Changes on 7th March 2019, which has come into effect on the 29th March 2019; so there have been various changes in the UK Tier 1 Investor Visa. This tier 1 visa is for investors and the eligibility criteria for applications are as follows:

*Applicant must be over 18 years old

*Must be based outside of the EEA and Switzerland

*Applicant must open a UK bank account before their application for UK tier 1 Investor visa

*Applicants must have £2 million or more that they wish to wish to invest in the UK market, and available freely to be spent and held in one or more UK regulated the financial institution

*The £2 million investment is the price paid by the applicant rather than the market value

*Funds must be held prior to application of the UK visa, which is from 90 days to 24 months period (before 90 days)

Duration of the visa under the Tier 1 Investor

The duration of the visa under the Tier 1 Investor Route is at maximum 3 years and 4 months at total. After that applicant required to be applying for an extension of visa for further two years so as to reside in the UK legally. Applicants who are presently staying on Tier 1 Investor Visa in the UK can continue with it and permitted until April 2013 to apply for Settlement. Set an appointment with our UK visa consultants in Lahore to understand this better.

The qualifying period for settlement depends on the amount invested:

•£10 million allows you to apply for settlement in 2 years

•£5 million allows you to apply for settlement in 3 years

•£2 million allows you to apply for settlement in 5 years

Our team of highly competent immigration consultants in Lahore can explain how to go about such an investment. It important that the correct route is chosen. Your process then carried out accordance with Immigration Rules and Immigration laws order to ensure approval. Our highly experienced immigration consultants in Lahore are happy to be at your service in this regard.

Moreover, the interview is a final benchmark upon which the approval of your application largely depends. Immigration consultants in Pakistan have been able to unearth the sequence of events with which this interview proceeds. Call us today to get in touch with one of our immigration consultants in Pakistan.

Can Immigration Consultants in Pakistan Help Me Go About the Interview?

The answer is yes! Our UK visa consultants in Pakistan are aware of in-depth details and the technicalities that the interview test is about. Implicitly, the Genuine Entrepreneur Test, which has now become a Credibility Assessment Test taken through an interview.

Our immigration consultants in Lahore have mastered the elements of this test. This is tested because the UK government needs certainly that an applicant is interested in business activity in the UK. Even other requirements fulfilled, a wrong interview can basis rejection.

Immigration consultants in Pakistan

Our Immigration consultants in Lahore responsibly ensure that this does not happen to our clients. Although the process is quite challenging, our immigration consultants in Lahore come into play here as well. We educate our clients, keeping in view their particular circumstances, as to how they should prepare for the interview e.g. Our consultants discuss the most logical questions and the most reasonable answers. This not only streamlines the process but also ensures the approval of their visa.

Furthermore, our consultants cater to our clients’ needs and difficulties and work out a comfortable approach to going about the interview. Our UK visa consultants in Lahore only one call away and you encouraged to call us for first-rate services.

Our Immigration Consultants in Lahore Span Their Services Throughout Pakistan

In this age of technology and communication, distances are no more impedance to the operations of any business. In fact, it has brought great relief to businesses and consumers alike. Our immigration consultants in Lahore have been in close communication with immigration consultants in Gujranwala and the Immigration consultants in Kasur given the short distances. However, that does not mean we are not as effective when we extend our services for immigration consultants in Multan or Gujrat.

Universities throughout the world are now adopting the concept of distance learning which means you can now obtain a full-fledged bachelor’s or master’s degree at the comfort of your home. This strongly suggests that distances are really not an issue when it comes to getting things done.

If an entire education can be executed, then we find it fully in our domain to assist our customers with the most reliable services in their home town. Even if you are looking for immigration consultants in Muridke, we encourage you to reach out to us and we can aid in your immigration process.

How Do We Communicate with Our Clients?

Communication is the most important aspect of any business deal between a business and client that is to be closed. We maintain communication very strongly in order to make sure that there are no loopholes in the information as it comes to us from the client. However, we assist our clients in ways of communication with which they are most comfortable.

When it comes to applying for a visa or resolving an immigration issue of a client, we make use of emails very largely. This ensures that everything is communicated fully from the client to our immigration consultants in Lahore. Therefore, we do not always require our clients to be physically available at the office for initiation or follow ups of the process. We have the ability and the skills to work effectively with our clients in a completely remote manner.

This suggests that even if you are looking for immigration consultants in Gujarat, we can assist you in your case with high quality and reliable services. Moreover, we do not wish for our clients to be intimidated by the remote work, we ensure that our immigration consultants in Lahore are fully capable of understanding and working out your case successfully.

Why Us?

The question remains that why should you choose us even if you are looking for immigration consultants in Faisalabad or immigration consultants in Sialkot. The reason is that we have hands-on experience of working with a large number of clients in a very large number of different kinds of cases. Experience teaches you in a way that nothing fully substitutes it. Therefore, we extend our services to clients throughout the world for the simple reason that our immigration consultants in Lahore are capable of being at your service no matter where you are.

Case Studies

Welcome to our recent case studies



  Preposition: We prepared “NU’s” family UK visit visa application. However, the ECO refused to grant entry clearance on the pretext that NU did not have sufficiently strong economic ties to Pakistan and that Paragraph 41 (i) (ii) {now 4.2 a,b,c} of the UK Immigration Rules is not met. The application was refused because the [...]



  Proposition: “KR” was issued with UK multiple-entry visit visa, valid for 5 years. Three months later “KR” flew to London Heathrow but was detained and removed back to Pakistan on the next flight by the UK Immigration Authorities on the basis that he had not provided satisfactory evidence of his identity, nationality or lawful [...]



  Proposition: “JW” is a retired person, surviving on pension and the money he receives from his daughter from the UK every month. “JW” applied for visit visa; with the help of his daughter; for himself and wife to visit their daughter and grandchildren in the UK. However, their UK visa applications were refused on [...]



  Proposition: The applicant is employed. His wife already had entry clearance (visa) for the UK. The couple planned to visit the UK for tourism purposes so the applicant made his visa application. However, the application was refused a UK visa for the reason that the applicant did not have sufficient money available in his [...]

Our Blog

Welcome to our recent blog articles


Making successful UK visit visa application

Making successful UK visit visa application People often ask me different questions when they want to apply for UK visit visa from Pakistan. I have highlighted below some questions and responded to them. It is imperative that the applicants fulfil Immigration Rules and also pay attention to minute details of their application in order to [...]



How work permit and visa fraudsters Lure People into giving them their Hard-Earned Money UK work permits and lottery email scams have been appearing in people’s inboxes for quite some time now and the number is ever-rising. First, it was easier to distinguish between junk email and what was genuine, but with the passage of [...]


Undocumented Economy of Pakistan

  Even though Pakistan has enjoyed a growth rate of approximately more or less five percent per annum in over the last decade, however, the GDP growth has not had a significant reflection in improved poverty and employment levels in the country. Among many stalling factors, informal economy a.k.a undocumented economy a.k.a shadow entrepreneur is a major non-developmental challenge. Of [...]


The UK Visa Refusal Fever

The “what if” factor dominantly prevails, especially, when one wants to or has planned to apply for Immigration visa UK or UK visit visa. Hundreds of questions continue to whirl in one’s mind. Mustering the courage and finally going ahead with applying for UK visa, only to later on know that the visa has been [...]

About Us

UK Visa Consultants & Advocates is a team of experienced lawyers, barristers and solicitors with expertise in Immigration Laws. Specialised advice for the U.S, Canada, Schengen and UK Visa Applications is provided, along with the representation of our valued clients for UK immigration appeals and judicial reviews, if required. With over 15 years of experience, UK immigration lawyers success rates are one of the highest among immigration law firms in Pakistan. Our work is based on the principles of transparency, fairness, and confidentiality, heeded by affordable advice ona vast range of immigration issues, especially UK Visa Applications and their refusals.

UK immigration lawyers

Our competent immigration law experts can advise you on the proper procedure of Visa Applications and their required documentation, optimising the chances of success. We can assist you with UK immigration Appeals and Refusals, UK Judicial Review referrals, UK visit visa, UK Spouse Visas, UK Indefinite Leave to Remain, EEA Applications, and British Citizenship, UK Business Immigration Visas, UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visas and U.S, Canada and Schengen visit visas. So, reach us right away for expert advice by our specialised immigration consultants in lahore.

Initial Consultation

Our specialised immigration consultants in lahore have undertaken hundreds of complex cases with a consistent reputation built on success and client’s satisfaction. Our specialised UKvisconsultants understand the visa application processes and the stringent immigration laws. So, they can form a case that is unique to the particular client’s specific situation. Initially, case discussed by client with our specialised immigration consultants in lahore, where client given reliable and authentic advice as what should done next.

Paid Consultation with Specialised Immigration

Clients can discuss their cases through paid consultation with specialised immigration consultant at UK Visa Consultants & Advocates by taking appointment. If case has potential chances of success on balance of probabilities then only client will guided by our specialised Uk immigration consultants in Pakistan and UK immigration lawyers for further assistance and the required documentation. After that, case will thoroughly analysed and evaluated by our team of specialised immigration consultants and solution will strategised.

UK Visa Consultants & Advocates

Therefore UK Visa Consultants & Advocates stands out is that our UK visa consultants have the in-depth knowledge and expertise, catering the needs of our valuable client. They take cases that have potential chances of success, which is why it advised that interested individuals should have initial consultation with our specialised immigration consultants. This is the first and most crucial step towards the success of any visa application form. UK immigration lawyers one generic methodology that may have worked for one individual to travel to the UK, Canada, U.S or Schengen countries may or may not work for another person. Therefore, our UK immigration lawyers immigration consultants work hard, from scratch, on each client’s case separately in order to have a better understanding of client’s needs.

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You can call us or write to us directly for initial paid consultation and our competent immigration consultants in Lahore will walk you through the process efficiently.

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