Judicial Review Against Refusal Of UK Visa Application

Judicial Review Against Refusal Of UK Visa Application

The UK visa applications which have been refused under point based system PBS does not attract appeal rights. Instead, the refusal of these UK visa applications can be challenged by way of Judicial Review JR.

Which UK Visa Applications Can Be Challenged By Way Of A Judicial Review JR

An applicant can challenge refusal of following visa applications by way of a Judicial Review JR

However the applicant cannot initiate Judicial Review application JR without first challenging the decision by way of Administrative Review to the Home Office.


Judicial Review Against Refusal Of UK Visit Visa Application Or Other PBS Applications

Refusal against any UK Visit visa application or other PBS application can be challenged by way of Judicial Review JR in the UK.

However it is very important to ascertain if the applicant should challenge the refusal or make a fresh application. The criteria to challenge refusal is very straight forward; if the applicant has made any mistake in their UK Visa Application then they must file a fresh application. However if their UK Visa application was perfect and they think that the UK Visa Officer has made a mistake in decision making process or the decision itself then the refusal must be challenged as there will be no point in making a fresh application.

First Step – Pre-Action Protocol Against Refusal Of UK Visit Visa Application

Before an application for permission to bring a Judicial Review is issued, the applicant must give notice to the Home Office / Embassy by sending them a pre action protocol letter. The applicant would need to set the basis of their claim against the Home Office in this letter.

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How To File Judicial Review Permission Application Against Refusal Of UK Visit Visa Application Or Other Point Based System Applications

The next step after serving pre-action protocol is to wait for 14 days for the response from the Home Office or British Embassy.

If they do not agree with assertions made in the pre-action protocol against the UK Visit Visa Refusal or other PBS Applications, the applicant can initiate a Claim for Judicial Review JR in the UK. The whole process is complex and lengthy therefore we strongly recommend engaging a specialised UK Immigration Expert in Pakistan to look after your interest.

How UK Visa Consultants Can Help You With Your Judicial Review Application Against Refusal Of UK Visa Application

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