The UK Visa Refusal Fever

UK Visa Consultants
Dec 13, 2018

The “what if” factor dominantly prevails, especially, when one wants to or has planned to apply for Immigration visa UK or UK visit visa. Hundreds of questions continue to whirl in one’s mind. Mustering the courage and finally going ahead with applying for UK visa, only to later on know that the visa has been refused! This in turn is upsetting, frustrating, confusing, giving the feeling of unfairness and even a biased decision, especially when one thinks that all requirements and everything was to the dot! The fact is that firstly, visa refusals are a regular occurrence and is based on standards with immigration policies established by UK Immigration law. Secondly, refusals are based on grounds in compliance with the UK Immigration Rules, whereby, the visa officer or entry clearance officer after evaluation then concludes whether a visa to be granted or refused. What needs to be done to make your application, authentic, realistic and as strong as possible towards minimizing the chances of refusal?

Below are some of the common factors of refusal, towards a better understanding on UK visa requirements:

Incorrect visa category –Though guidelines given in visa application are specific, the common mistake people make is to select the incorrect visa category, which they assume is the category to apply in. A good understanding is required to select the right visa category.

Documentation – Applicants at times think that they are providing the correct documents, but what they overlook is the supporting documents that need to be provided along with the required documents as reference or supporting documents. Similarly, applicants being overwhelmed by the whole process again overlook the fact of requirements on presentation of the documents i.e. chronological order for the better understanding of the UK visa officer at the British High Commission.

Incomplete information – At the time of UK visa application review, all fields of the application are scrutinized for correctness. The refusal chances arise when either a field is incomplete or does not coincide in anyway. As an example, previous dates or the support evidence given is factual.

Similarly, non-disclosure of or withholding information can not only become a serious cause and reason in the rejection of visa applications but a crime as well, especially, should the thought of intentional deception occur in the mind of the visa officer.

A considerate visa officer – An example is that applicants at the time of applying for their UK spouse visa think that they are fulfilling all requirements especially in terms of UK financial income requirement to support their spouse. Of the given minimum financial threshold for UK visa, if the amount is slightly less, the applicant assumes that the visa officer will take it into consideration for the approval of the application. The applicant is very wrong as the visa officer adheres to the given guidelines and Immigration Rules for spouse visa UK and proceeds accordingly. The visa officer does not assume, but executes a decision against given facts.

Advice from Family and Friends – Many individuals consult with and follow advice from family and friends who have been abroad with multiple travel experiences assuming that correct information and guidance will be acquired from them. It is not compulsory that if an individual who has multiple travel experiences can be a good and or viable resource as they don’t have the legal knowledge and are unaware of the policies.

Advice from Non-professionals – This is another common mistake undertaken by not only individuals, but corporate entities as well i.e. they consult with and pursue advice of non professionals UK visa consultants who themselves are only aware of UK immigration laws in general and not of the revised immigration policies as authentic lawyer/consultants would be. The applicant thinks that they have acquired the correct information on how to go about completing and submitting the UK visa application form  and that too at a very low-price, least knowing of the losses incurred.

We at UK Visa consultants understand the importance and incorporation of the mandatory documentation at the time of completing and submitting UK visa application. Even for the slightest concern you have, our advice would be to consult with a professional immigration consultant to avoid UK visa refusal.