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UK Family Visitor Visa Application From Pakistan

UK Family Visitor Visa Application From Pakistan

A considerable number of UK Family Visit Visa applications are applied from Pakistan every year.At UK Visa Consultants  we provide Family Visit Visa UK consultancy for you to see your close family members in the UK. Family Visit Visa UK application requirements and Family Visit Visa UK required documents vary for person to person. A high number of UK Family visit visa applications are refused from Pakistan every year because the applicants fail to fulfill relevant UK Immigration Rules. Most applicants do not realise that UK family visit visa refusal decision can be appealed by way of a Judicial Review. Please get in touch with us if you have been refused UK family visit visa from Pakistan or anywhere in the world. We shall be more than happy to assist you to appeal against the
decision or re-apply for you addressing the reasons of UK Visa Refusal decision.

UK Visa Consultants

The requirements for UK Family visit visa are that you satisfy the UK Visa Officer that you:

  • Intend to see family members present in the UK,
  • intend to visit the UK for no more than 6 months,
  • Intend to leave the UK at the end of visit;
  • You have enough funds to support and accommodate yourself without recourse to public funds or the same will be provided by your friends or relatives, if you are dependent on them.

Documents Required For UK Family Visit Visa Application

Documents required for the UK Family Visitor Visa application from Pakistan depend on the Applicant’s personal circumstances.

We at UK Visa Consultants have helped thousands of UK Family Visit Visa applicants from Pakistan. We do realise that it is very important for family members to stay in touch and see each other when required. We have successfully prepared applications for parents who wish to see their children and grandchildren in the UK or the applicants who wish to visit their sibling/s in the UK. At times it is very frustrating for the family members who are time and again refused UK family visit visa application. Mostly parents feel helplessness when their UK Family visit application is refused. We believe that every parent has a right to see their children whenever they wish to and geographical boundaries must not halt their plans. Please call us today to make an appointment with us to discuss UK Family Visit Visa Application for your parents’. We are confident that we can prepare your Family Visitor Application UK in a best possible way. Please click the link to read client review we have helped to

Duration Of UK Family Visitor Visa Application

There are different types of Family Visitor Visa UK, for example, Long Term Visa UK, C Visit Visa UK, and 2-years UK Visit Visa.

As a matter of general rule, you must apply for 6 months family visit visa UK if you have not traveled to the UK before or your last visit was several years ago. Those who travel to the UK on regular basis can apply for a multiple UK Family Visit Visa for 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years.

Our team of expert UK Immigration Lawyers can provide complete guidance on the required documents and procedures to apply for a UK family visit visa from Pakistan

UK Visa Consultants

UK Family Visit Visa Application Fee From Pakistan

The UK Home Office publishes fee revises UK Visa Application every year. Please call or email us to know more about your UK Family visit visa fee

Right Of Appeal Against Family Visit Visa UK Refusal

Although there is no right of appeal against the refusal of UK Family Visit Visa application from Pakistan however there is nothing to be worried about. The Family Visitor Visa Application refusal can still be appealed by way of a Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal of the Asylum and Immigration Chamber or the High Court, as the case may be.

Judicial Review Against Refusal Of Family Visitor Visa Application

An application for permission to apply for Judicial Review must be logged in the Upper Tribunal of the Asylum & Immigration Chamber or the High Court, as the case may be within 3 months of the date of the refusal of the UK Visa Application. A pre-action protocol must be served on the UK Home Office before initiating a Judicial Review application.

UK Visa Consultants

How UK Visa Consultants Can Help You With UK Family Visit Visa Application Or Refusal Of Family Visit Visa Application

Our Location:

We are one of the leading Visa & Immigration Consultants Lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan. Our UK Immigration and Visa Consultancy firm is centrally located in Phase 2 DHA Lahore Pakistan. For our Office directions, please click here. Haly Tower in DHA Lahore is a well known landmark and there is plenty of basement parking area available for our clients. Our client can benefit from valet service when they arrive. Please give us a call before you arrive so that our friendly and helpful staff can give you our office directions and other details

Our Expertise:

There are many individuals and Visa Consultants providing UK Visa consultancy in Lahore Pakistan however we specialize in Visa and Immigration services. Our UK Immigration Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan are professional, reliable and trustworthy. Our UK Immigration Consultants provide best customer service, confidentiality and reliable advice to our clients. We take pride in protecting the best interest of our clients.

Initial Consultation for UK Visa Applications

It is our SOP (standard Operating Procedure) to offer paid visa initial consultations who wish to apply for UK visas. This enables us to gauge prospects of your UK Visa & Immigration matter and accordingly decide if we can assist you. If we, after the UK visa consultation, believe that we can prepare your UK Visa Application or appeal against UK Visa refusal, we then quote our fee. Our fees depend on the time we anticipate to prepare your UK Visa Application therefore these vary for everyone. Rest assured we do not surprise our clients with any hidden charges. Clients can visit our offices or take initial consultation via WhatsApp, FacTime, Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and other platforms. We have been successfully advising our clients across the globe for the last 15 years.

Preparation of UK Visa Application

UK Visa Consultants in Lahore Pakistan are equipped with latest and modern technology. We analyse our clients’ personal, familial and financial circumstances. We advise our clients on the required documentationfor their UK Visa application, prepare draft letters of support, covering letter and document check list etc. Our UK Immigration Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan are expert in UK Visas & Immigration. Call us today to book your initial consultation with us either in person or remotely.

Refusal of UK Visa application

We have successfully overturned many UK visa refusals by appealing the decisions in the UK. Our expert UK Visa Consultants in Lahore have necessary knowledge and expertise to direct you in the right direction.


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    True professionals .
    I Found these Consaltants from google last year.
    Thanks to the efforts of the Mr Ali & team, the company has set a number of successful client meetings over the fone & in person.The team's workflow was
    … More very organized which applied strict rules for tracking their process. The team was responsive and consistently notified the company of their results.
    Delivered exactly what they promised.
    "They have a very professional approach and a deep understanding of every case .
    "I was impressed with Mr Ali’s personal approach and attention to detail."
    Although my case wasn’t that easy because of refusal.
    "But Mr Ali showed discipline, tenacity, and creativity during this period of time."
    "I appreciate his persistence during the whole process."
    "Having them on board has been beneficial, and i definitely give Uk consultants a thumbs up."
    Thank you Sir Ali .
  • Avatar Imran Sheikh ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    UK Visa Consultants is a name of highly professional visa Counsaltancy team.I would recommend visits them if you are applying for UK Visa.
    As your case would be handled with full technicalities as per your visa type.
    Few months ago i applied
    … More for pleasure trip with a freiend & we both was rejected then we met with Mr Ali Sheikh.
    He have much experience in Refusal cases.
    He is Very experienced, reliable and cooperative. I am totally satisfied with there efforts. Highly recommended for all your UK Visa inquires and Refusals.
  • Avatar Nazim Malik ★★★★★ a month ago
    Sir can you tell me that if we both husband wife apply for UK work visa so how much total cost for this proses include tickets.
  • Avatar Farooq Gilani ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Highly recommended for those who applies for UK visas.And Specially for Those people who refused by Home office and even don't know how to respond back when they get a refusal by Ending Note "you don't have a right of Appeal … More ". My friend & myself Also faced above scenario.After That we met Mr Ali Sheikh by a very close Reference for getting their professional guide line to proceed my friend & my Case.And we got positive results.
    At every step He guided us in a very professional way.He have skills and knowledge to tackle all technicalities related to visa application & refusal applications.i must say he is a Genuine Guy.
    May Allah ( SWT ) Blessed him Always...
  • Avatar Tattoo Designs123 ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Fortunately, my friend Ali referred me to Uk visa Consultant for my spouse visa case for UK.I went to many places about my unanswered questions but did not get the authentic information for my case scenario. Mr Ali guided me in detail and … More processed my case with transparency. They informed me to arrange my document in time. Best in their professionalism and highly recommended.
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    I was interested in EEU family permit and googled all about it but it made me more confuse than I was. UK Visa Consultants is a smart and wise consultancy facility. Recommended.
  • Avatar Muhammad Saqib ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    It was really good experience with Sir Ali Sheikh.My first UK Visa application was refused but Allhumdulilah now I got UK visa by the grace of Allah Almighty and the struggle of Sir Ali Sheikh. He is such a nice man and really honest with … More his proffession. I have first time seen a consultant who is that much proffesional in this field.Highly recommended.
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    Reliable and responsive Visa consultants. Cooperative and professional team.
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    Exceptionally good service, very professional approach and very qualified team. Highly recommended
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    They successfully helped me getting my mother's visa after my unsuccessful efforts a few times. Very friendly, professional and honest advice was given before application and through out the process. Very reasonable fee was charged … More compared to other legal firms. Strongly recommend.
  • Avatar Ali Raza ★★★★★ a year ago
    My visa was rejected by the UK embassy this year in OCT 2019. I was quite disappointed, I started searching the web for a good consultant and came across UK visa consultants. Read some good reviews and contacted them. My visa application … More was rejected due to financial discrepancies which were highlighted by Mr Ali Sheikh. He revised after reviewing my application. I was delighted with the kind of professionalism and knowledge he possessed. He knows what he's doing and how to handle a case. He didn't give me false promises but made sure my chances of acceptance were high this time around. His father was my first point of contact and he also is a very nice person. Mr Ali isn't greedy like some of the consultants in this business he is a true professional person and he knows the UK immigration law. He was with me shoulder to shoulder till the end he showed me a proper path that how he will take my application in which we will go for the judicial review if my application was rejected but he made sure with his expertise that my chances of getting the visa are high covering all my bases and TODAY I GOT MY VISA i am so happy and i dont have words to explain my happiness and joy. It is all due to one person and his name is Mr. Ali sheikh. Thank you so much UK VISA CONSULTANTS for making this happen and this thanks from me is straight from my heart.
  • Avatar Gohar Yunus ★★★★★ a year ago
    Thorough professionals!!! They evaluated my case very well and took weeks to establish solid grounds before applying it. Quite satisfied and impressed with the way they deal their clients.


An applicant who wishes to visit a family member in the UK will need to apply for Standard Family Visitor Visa. You will be allowed to stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months on a Family Visitor Visa.  

On a Family Visitor Visa you can stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months however bear in mind the duration of stay you have already stated in your UK Visa application and avoid staying longer than that. If you can prove that you need to make repeat visits over a longer period of time to the UK then you may also apply for a long-term visit visa such as for  2, 5 or 10 years. However on each visit you will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 6 months. 

If you wish to invite a family member or relative, friend to the UK then they would need invitation documents from the Sponsor. Your family member applying for a Standard Visitor Visa should enclose sponsorship letter / invitation letter (depending on the situation).

Some of the general documents needed for UK Visitor Visa are;

  • a current passport or other valid travel identification – you need a page in your passport that’s blank on both sides for your visa
  • evidence that you can support yourself during your trip, e.g. bank statements/ payslips for the last 6 months
  • A certified translation of any documents that are not in English

Moreover, other supporting documents will depend on your purpose of Visit to UK and your particular circumstances. Our UK immigration lawyer can guide you best in this regard. 

The UK Family Visa comes under UK Standard-Visitor Visa and the fee will depend on the length of the UK Visit Visa duration. The UK Visa fees for all applications made outside and within the UK for a standard Visitor visa (Family) for 6 months costs £95 (as updated in 2020)

The fee for a long-term Standard Visitor visa depends on its length:

  • 2 years – £361
  • 5 years – £655
  • 10 years – £822

There is no precise amount of money that could guarantee the approval of your UK Visit Visa application but in general an applicant must have sufficient funds to cover the duration of his stay and other expenses. Moreover, the financial transactions, their sources and patterns are to be verified and checked by professionals in order to present your case to the UK Home Office in the best manner and have no or little chances of UK Visa application rejection. In addition, the purpose and number of accompanied persons with the main applicant must also be taken into account before preparing your UK Visit Visa application. Other supporting documents shall also be attached in order to confirm your financial position. It is advised that you seek legal advice if you are uncertain whether your bank statements demonstrate sufficient funds for your Family visit visa application. 

If a person wishes to sponsor / invite their family members or parents; i.e. mother to the UK, then right type of UK visa must be applied. For a short term or long-term visitor visa (6 months stay) supporting documents must be attached with the UK Visit Visa application that will verify your relation, set amount of required income and other residency requirements. On the other hand, if you wish to sponsor your mother or other family member to live with you in the UK then other specific documentary evidence must be provided in order to qualify for the UK adult dependant visa. It is best to seek legal advice as per your specific circumstances and financial position in order to get a UK Visa from Pakistan.