Why Most UK Visa Applications Get Refused From Pakistan

Why Most UK Visa Applications Get Refused From Pakistan

UK Visa Consultants
Mar 12, 2019

May be you are heartbroken after refusal of your UK Visa application or you are considering to apply for UK immigration visa but afraid of rejection?

Well, you are quite rightly concerned because unfortunately Pakistan is amongst the top 5 countries with highest refusal rate of UK Visa and Immigration applications. More than 6 out of 10 UK Visa applications get refused from Pakistan.

There are plenty of genuine reasons for high UK Visa application refusal rate from Pakistan. Those who remain unsuccessful often claim that UK Visa authorities are biased and do not want to issue visas to Pakistanis. However, this is not the case. Every UK Visa application is decided on merit and under relevant UK Immigration Rules. There is a system that needs to be followed and there is no short cut by which UK Visa refusal can be minimized. If majority of applicants, when preparing their application, consider the points given below and furthermore, seek help from best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan, the success rate could be better.

Points to Consider When Applying for a UK Visa

Choosing the Right Visa Category

It has been observed that at times applicants make their UK Visa application under wrong category. For example, if plans are to see a family member in the UK, which itself is a genuine and complete reason of the visit, the applicants apply under UK Tourism UK General Visit visa category. In these circumstances, the purpose of visit changes and the applicants lose credibility. The best UK immigration lawyers can invariably help you choose the right UK visa category and give your visa application a professional look.

Understanding UK Visa Application Questions Properly

Each question in online UK Visa application is carefully addressed and gives certain information to the UK visa officer. By not giving the proper answer; a lacuna is left in the application resulting into refusal of UK Immigration and Visa application. Hiring best UK immigration lawyers can help you understand the questions asked in the UK Visa application and accordingly, those can be answered in a proper way.

Lack of Confidence

Another reason of highest refusal rate of UK Visa application from Pakistan is lack of applicant’s confidence. Most applicants are never sure if they will get their UK Visa application approved. UK Visas and Immigration applications are decided under UK immigration Laws and Rules. If the applicant fulfils the Rules they will be issued with UK Visa. UK visa officers (UK Entry Clearance Officer) have discretion to approve or refuse visa application UK however; this discretion cannot be exercised without boundaries. A genuine purpose of visit to the UK is very important in this regard. Your UK Visa consultant must be able to identity genuine purpose of your UK Visa application and accordingly, advise you on the required documentation, fulfilling the UK Immigration Rules correctly.

Taking Advice from Relatives and Friends

This is another main reason why most UK Visa and Immigration applications are refused from Pakistan. Applicants discuss their UK Visa application with their friends and family who have no knowledge of relevant UK Immigration Laws. Friends and relatives give their honest opinion according to their own experience which most of the time is incorrect or irrelevant thus confusing the applicant. Using right resources and taking help from professional UK Immigration lawyers in Pakistan can greatly help reduce the UK Visa refusal ratio from Pakistan. Best UK Visa consultant in Pakistan or best UK Immigration lawyer Pakistan can prepare your UK Visa and Immigration application in accordance with immigration rules.

Wrong Documentation

Another big reason of refusal is providing wrong documentation to the UK Entry Clearance Officer when making your UK Visa application from Pakistan. The evidence must be in accordance with your answers in the application. The applicants must provide corroborative evidence with their UK Immigration and visa application to prove their assertions in the UK Visa application form. Most UK Visa applications are refused from Pakistan for lack of and/or wrong documentation. Hiring the best UK Immigration consultant in Pakistan can help you in many ways including avoiding wrong documentation with your UK Immigration and Visa application.

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Deception and Misrepresentation in UK Visa Application

All applicants are advised not to ever give wrong information, in any form, to the UK Visa Officer. A large number of UK Visa applications are refused from Pakistan due to the fact that the applicant has tried to intentionally deceive the UK Visa Officer either by providing wrong information or documents or hiding some vital information. If you are unsure of information you are supposed to give in your UK Immigration and Visa application, you should always consult with a best UK Immigration lawyer or best UK Visa consultant in your area. There is a ban of 10 years under paragraph V3.6 and paragraph V3.7 if you have made deception in your UK Visa application.