Problems Faced By Pakistanis after Immigration to the UK

Problems Faced By Pakistanis after Immigration to the UK

UK Visa Consultants
Feb 20, 2019

Most people immigrate to foreign countries mainly for 2 reasons; economic or joining family.

When it comes to UK immigration, it is one of the most complex immigration systems in the world. It is always advisable to hire the best UK immigration lawyer to help you with the UK immigration process. Until a few years back immigration to the UK was relatively easy and less costly. In the past few years, UK immigration and visa application fees have been increased manifold. Not only those UK visa applications fees have been increased, but UK immigration and visa application are also now vigorously scrutinized. In the UK, they are also maintaining a points-based system whereby one has to achieve certain points in order to qualify for UK immigration and visas. The law dealing with UK immigration visas is intricate and requires complete knowledge of immigration laws and Home Office policies, and last but not the least, court precedents. Rightfully most people take help from Best UK Immigration Lawyer in Pakistan to prepare their UK immigration and visa application.

Assuming you have completed your UK immigration application yourself or with the help of the best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan, now you are ready to board the plane and arrive in the UK. You should be mindful of some of the common problems faced by Pakistanis when they arrive in the UK after obtaining  UK immigration from Pakistan. The best immigration lawyers in Pakistan are familiar with the issues faced by Pakistanis migrating to the UK therefore they must be able to guide their clients properly once their UK immigration application has been approved.

Some Problems Faced After Immigration to the UK from Pakistan

Cultural Differences

Different culture to Pakistan for spouses joining their UK husband or wife.

For example, you are joining your spouse who has all his or her brought up in the UK. Traditions and norms are not difficult but at least different from Pakistan. It has been observed that many couples break up within the first 2 years after joining the UK due to the fact that expectations are different and the spouse from Pakistan is either oblivious to these expectations or not coping well with the surrounding pressures.

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Language Barrier

English language barrier for Pakistanis arriving in the UK after obtaining a UK immigration visa.

Most people coming to the UK after acquiring UK immigration could find English accent and terms difficult. It is highly recommended that people coming from Pakistan start watching BBC transmission for few weeks after obtaining immigration to the UK.

Fulfilling Terms of UK Immigration Conditions

UK immigration visas need to be extended at least once after arriving in the UK before qualifying for indefinite leave to remain or permanent residence in the UK. This effectively means that before immigration visas are extended, one must adhere to the conditions attached with the UK immigration entry clearance approval. Being a non-settled immigrant, one is NOT entitled to housing or other benefits in the UK. One has to make sure that he or she must not be part of any benefit application to the government which their settled spouse has made. It is highly recommended that you should consult with the best immigration lawyer in Pakistan before you set off or the best UK immigration lawyer in the UK after you have arrived in the UK to avoid any disappointments.

Paying Government Taxes

It is very important that those who work in the UK pay their income tax etc timely, truthfully, and in accordance with their UK immigration conditions. Those who are granted UK immigration visas in Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa category must not avoid tax liabilities and pay their taxes as they earn after investing £2,00,000 in the UK market. One has to remember that tier 1 entrepreneurs cannot spend this £2,00,000 on buying property in the UK.

Access to NHS Healthcare, Free Education and Jobs

Immigration to the UK may sound too dreamy because of free NHS health services and education for children etc however there can be long queues of people ahead of you to use these services, resulting in long delays.

UK immigration has its own charms but one has to be prepared to face possible difficulties after arriving in the UK. The above examples are only some of the common problems faced by Pakistanis after arriving in the country on a UK immigration visa. One should be prepared to adapt to their new life in the UK to avoid any possible problems.