PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan 2022【Complete Guide】

PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan 2022【Complete Guide】

UK Visa Consultants
Apr 29, 2019

A considerably large number of medical doctors from Pakistan sit in the Professional Linguistic Assessment Board 2 exam once having passed the prerequisite of PLAB to pursue a career in the field of medicine in the United Kingdom.

Here the overriding question which needs to be taken into consideration is when you plan to travel to the UK for this purpose since you need preparatory time aplenty for the PLAB visa exam.

Rest assured UK Visa Consultants are the best in terms of offering PLAB Visa guidance and handling cases of their diverse clientele.

Doctors in Pakistan should be well aware of the PLAB Visa requirements prior to applying for PLAB Visa UK. It is advisable to hire the best UK immigration lawyers for relevant guidance.

Our clients (REVIEWS link) consider UK Visa Consultants as one of the best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan. We are UK Immigration Lawyers based in Lahore. We walk our clients step by step through the essential stages of the UK visa application process and provide complete PLAB Visa guidance.

PLAB visa applicants from Pakistan should be aware of PLAB Visa requirements. For starters the interested applicant must apply for the Visitor Visa to the UK, followed by submission of all concerning documentation to the relevant UK Visa application center in Pakistan.

Here it is important to be acquainted with the criteria. Doctors who are seeking employment in the field of medicine in the UK have to get themselves registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).

If you want to apply for PLAB 2 Visa, Check this

Criteria of Employment:

First and foremost it is imperative to know what the online application for PLAB Visa will ask you to provide; personal information which embodies your name, national identity and passport details. Moreover, you will have to add your itinerary plan and the dates of arrival and departure from the UK have to be factored in.

In addition, you will also have to mention the purpose of your visit in the drop-down menu which of course will be PLAB.
With this will you be asked for auxiliary information such as anticipated outlay in the UK, employment details, number of family members, criminal record, accommodation arrangements, and any previous visa rejections.

Based on our experience, UK Visa Consultants as being one of the best UK immigration lawyers advise applicants to submit all supporting documentation in a single go-to circumvent uncalled for complications and have no second thoughts while scheduling an appointment with the visa application center on the declaration page of the online application.

Stage two is the submission of supporting documentations determined by the personal context of the individual applying for the PLAB 2 Visa. That being said, your valid passport and the confirmation of PLAB 2 Visa booking sent by GMC are two indispensable documentations that have to be submitted irrespective of your particularities.

UK Visa Consultants being one of the best UK immigration lawyers, advise applicants to attach a cover letter and primary qualification in the discipline of medicine. Most applicants have ambiguity about the bank statements which have to be provided. If you are self-financed for this trip you are required to provide evidence of six months’ bank statements.

However, in the case of external or family financial support for your PLAB visa applications from Pakistan, you will have to provide your own bank statements as well as of the person offering financial assistance for your trip. UK Visa Consultants, having experience of more than 15 years, can offer you authentic PLAB Visa guidance in Pakistan.

UK Visa consultants also advise applicants to give evidence of accommodation in the city where the PLAB 2 exam will be held, in this case, it is Manchester, UK. Booking for accommodation ought to be preferably made in advance in order to get cheaper rates.

Furthermore, PLAB 1 and IELTS exam results would be required to prove that you stand eligible to take PLAB 2.

PLAB Visa extension could be made if the applicant intends to re-sit for the exam. An extension of up to 6 months of PLAB Visa is made. The applicant who has passed the Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test successfully can apply for a PLAB Visa extension for undertaking a clinical attachment.

UK Visa Consultants can provide full assistance with your PLAB Visa application as they have complete knowledge of UK immigration rules and Home Office policies. UK Visa Consultants can assist you in materializing your objective to practice as a doctor in the UK.