Advantages of Booking Initial Consultation for Your UK Visa Application

Advantages of Booking Initial Consultation for Your UK Visa Application

UK Visa Consultants
Jul 24, 2019

Whether you have planned to spend vacations in Europe, meet family in Canada or close a business deal in the US, getting a visa is a must, if you are from visa required country. Obtaining a visa may not be a simple task as an applicant has to go through several stages of visa process and fully comply with the immigration rules and guidelines of that certain country. When applying for visa, the first step is to know the requirements and completely understand those before moving to the second step which is filling out the application form and aligning the relevant documents. It is to be noted that visa application is filled out according to the documents Applicant is enclosing, therefore each applicant will have different information to provide in the visa application form. It has been observed that individuals, rather, try to follow the online requirements but still fail to get a visa due to providing incomplete information, selecting an incorrect visa category, attaching irrelevant or misinterpreted documents etc. The information provided online is a standard requirement which individuals have to follow without any question; however major concern arises in keenly understanding these requirements. Opinion of an expert immigration lawyer could always be in the best interest of the applicant. For this reason, we highly encourage applicant to set an appointment with UK Visa Consultants to take initial consultation before initiating the visa process.

Our expert immigration lawyers and solicitors discuss your personal, financial and familial circumstances to provide you a road map and concrete advice on how to go about your visa application. First of all it is assessed what are the chances of success of visa application. If we see good chances only then we invite the applicant to go forward from that point and can engage our services to prepare their visa application.

UK Visa Consultants is a firm consisting of authentic and expert immigration lawyers and barristers having years of experience in UK Immigration Rules and Home Office Policies, Canadian Visa Laws, US and Schengen Visa Policies providing specialized advice to valued clients.

Reasons to Hire a UK Visa Consultant

Reasons why you should book an appointment for initial consultation with UK Visa Consultants:

What gives UK Visa Consultants a competitive edge in the market is their expertise in preparing accurate visa application, taking immigration rules into consideration and successfully challenging refusal decisions? For year 2018, Alhamdulillah our success rate is over 95%.

UK Visa Consultants are practicing lawyers and not intermediaries like many others, who proclaim themselves as consultants but do not have in depth knowledge of immigration laws.

Our team of immigration solicitors & attorneys are committed to providing reliable and tailored advice, saving client’s time and money. We believe in transparency and genuineness, value customer satisfaction immensely and refrain from any unethical practice or forgery.

It is better to consult an expert lawyer than getting your visa application refused multiple times resulting in possible future ban or making entry to the desired country almost impossible. We serve in a multitude of categories catering to individuals as well as companies.

Our case handling and customer reviews speak volumes of our prudence, credibility and authenticity.