UK Visa Applications from Pakistan and How UK Refusal Decision Can Be Avoided

UK Visa Applications from Pakistan and How UK Refusal Decision Can Be Avoided

UK Visa Consultants
Jun 08, 2019

Types of UK Visas

There are mainly two types of UK visa applications from Pakistan – one leading to settlement after 5 years of lawful residence in the UK and the other for temporary presence in the UK, meaning thereby, non-settlement applications. We are UK Immigration Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan, and we specialize in all types of UK visa applications, settlement and non-settlement, e.g. Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications, UK Spouse visa application, UK Visit visa application, UK appeals, UK Judicial review, and UK Administrative review applications.

UK Visa Refusal Rate from Pakistan

If we look at the current refusal rate of UK visa application from Pakistan, the results are not promising. Most applicants are not aware of the relevant UK visas and Immigration Laws therefore inevitably UK visa applications are being refused.

If we look at the stats, the overall UK Visa and Immigration application success rate from Pakistan is less than 50%. We are genuinely making an effort to improve the UK visa application success rate for Pakistanis by offering fair, honest, and expert advice to our clients. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, our success rate is over 92%. This is because we thoroughly assess our clients’ applications before committing to engage ourselves, thus, saving clients’ time, money, and above all rejection of their UK visa and immigration application. It is our priority to protect the applicant’s UK immigration history by not making any application without proper assessment.

Documents Required For UK Visa Application from Pakistan

Simultaneously we are making an attempt to guide and educate people so that they understand what any UK entry clearance officer will look for when deciding UK visa applications from Pakistan. For UK Visas and UK Immigration applications purposes, each individual has their own personal economic, financial, and familial circumstances therefore each applicant will have unique documentation.

In our experience, a large no. of UK visa and immigration applicants from Pakistan want to know, firstly, what documents are required for UK visa application, and secondly what is our fee for advising and preparing their UK visa application. Indeed these two questions are important for anyone. However, in our experience, these questions cannot be answered until the time we have evaluated the applicant’s personal, financial and familial circumstances.

Mainly applicants’ passports, pictures, bank statements, and assets documents are required in order to prove that they will return to Pakistan or that they are credible enough to be granted UK entry clearance. The rest of the documentation depends on personal circumstances.

Some of the Common Mistakes in UK Visa Applications

If applicants’ focus is not on the right questions, obviously they shall get wrong answers and thus attach documents that are of no relevance or otherwise not supporting their UK visa application. If the applicant is unsure as to which documents can be relied upon for their UK visa application, they should take help from an expert UK immigration consultant in Pakistan. Some applicants consider that it is to their advantage that they hold a valid US visa or Canadian visa so they should get a UK visa granted without any problems. Well, UK has their own immigration laws and as long as applicants fulfil those UK Immigration Laws and Rules they will get the visa irrespective of their other valid US entry clearances, etc.

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Another question which most applicants ask is “how much money should we have in our bank account for a UK visa application”. As stated above, wrong questions will lead to wrong answers. As such it does not matter how much money is available in the account, as long as it is sufficient for the intended UK visa. A hyped-back account can cause credibility issues. On the other hand, Pakistan’s shadow economy is the real challenge for all UK visa applicants. Accordingly, applicants should give their income justification.

UK Visa Refusal

We advise all the clients not to panic if they have been refused their UK visa application. Normally the refusal letter states there is no right of appeal or administrative review against the visit visas refusals. In Tier visa routes, applications have the right to administrative review in case these are refused. There will be a right to appeal when a UK spouse visa application has been refused. In case of UK visa refusal, it is important to see who has made mistake; if the applicant’s UK visa application is lacking in some way then there is no point in challenging the refusal and if it is the visa officer who has made an unfair refusal of UK visa application only then Visa Refusal Must Be Challenged. It is, again, very important to seek expert advice from an expert UK visa consultant in Pakistan to evaluate the merits of the refusal decision. Reapplying UK visa application without proper assessment could weaken your UK immigration history.

Our Objective Is To Provide Best UK Immigration Consultancy

We are UK immigration & visa lawyers. It is important to note we are not UK visa agents, like many others. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of UK visa and immigration laws. Our main goal is to improve the UK visa application approval rate from Pakistan. For this reason, we want to assess the merits of applicants intended UK visa applications before their application is submitted. We charge a nominal initial consultation fee to see whether it is worth making the application. Accordingly, we give an honest opinion to our clients so that they can make an informed decision whether they should make their UK visa application or refrain from making it for a certain time.

No matter how many UK visas you have had in the past. Every application is assessed on its merits. Applicants should see UK immigration Lawyers in Pakistan If they have the slightest doubt about any part of their UK Visa application.