Administrative Review for Tier 4 Student Visa Refusal

Administrative Review for Tier 4 Student Visa Refusal

UK Visa Consultants
Jun 15, 2021

An Administrative Review is a way to appeal to the Home Office’s decision if you have been rejected a UK Visa. In such a case, the Home Office officers personally examine the application. However, the point to remember is that in such cases, you do not have a chance to submit any new evidence or correct any flaws discovered during the application process in order to overturn the decision.

With the UK Visa Consultants at your disposal, you do not have to worry anymore because we are here to assist you in the best possible way and offer full support if your Visa is denied. The UK Visa Consultants offer their exceptional and expert assistance in the Tier 4 Student Visa Refusal, as well. If you are a Student and your Visa got refused, you are at the right place for assistance as the UK Visa Consultants have processed several such cases in this past. An Admin Review against the refusal of Tier 4 visa Student application is possible.

Requesting a Reconsideration of a Visa Decision 

The procedure of applying for an Administration Review for the Tier 4 Student Visa refusal differs in cases as the people outside the UK will apply in a different way from those who are inside the UK.

If an administrative review is being conducted from outside the United Kingdom 

If you receive a rejection letter, it will specify whether you can request a re-examination of your visa application decision. This implies that you can request an Administrative Review as long as the following requirements are met:

Within 28 days after receiving the rejection judgment, an Administrative Review can be requested. If there are any mistakes in the review application, the decision will be reconsidered. You cannot submit new information or documents unless you have been invited to do so. The following steps are involved in requesting an administrative review:

Within 28 days, you will be notified of the outcome of the Administrative Review. You cannot ask for a second review unless the results of the first reveal new reasons for your visa denial. However, you may be eligible to request a Judicial Review if you feel the review was not completed properly.

If you are applying for an Administrative Review from inside the United Kingdom 

You can seek an Administrative Review from within the UK if you have not been granted the Right of Appeal. The deadline for filing an Administrative Review is 14 days after receiving the decision. If you have been detained, you are left with seven days to apply. This procedure will cost you £80.

The conclusion of the review will be conveyed to you within 28 days, just like when applying from outside the UK. A second Administrative Review is not feasible unless the outcome includes additional grounds because you were denied a UK visa.

Even if your visa has expired, you will not be removed from the UK until the Administrative Review is completed.

All students must note that it takes 28 days until you are notified of the outcome of the administrative review. It is important to note that you may only seek a second review if the previous one identified the new reason for your rejection.

Visa Application Refusal Pre-Action Protocol and Administrative Review 

The petitioner must submit a pre-action protocol letter to the Home Office or the Embassy before an application for authorization to undertake a Judicial Review. The petitioner must describe the grounds for their claim against the Home Office in this letter.

UK Visa Consultants in Lahore possess the requisite abilities and immense experience to guide their clients on pre-action protocol letters to the Home Office as well as Judicial Review against the denial of their UK Visa Application.

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