Visit Visa Revocation And Removal From UK

Visit Visa Revocation And Removal From UK

Proposition: “KR” was issued with UK multiple-entry visit visa, valid for 5 years. Three months later “KR” flew to London Heathrow but was detained and removed back to Pakistan on the next flight by the UK Immigration Authorities on the basis that he had not provided satisfactory evidence of his identity, nationality or lawful basis to be in the UK. They told him his UK visit visa had been cancelled and provided no further information.

Upon his arrival in Pakistan, he was served with a back dated “Notice of Decision” that stated his UK visa had been revoked / cancelled due to the change in his circumstances such as his Australian visit visa had been cancelled by the Australian Authorities. The UK High Commission had stated in the revocation letter that “KR” did not inform the British High Commission of this change of circumstances and therefore they revoked his visa.

Prior to his forced return to Pakistan, no such notice of revocation had been served on to him by the UK High Commission. Effectively the revocation decision was only served on “KR” upon his return to Pakistan.

Advice: After carefully looking at the Notice of Revocation, we advised “KR” to challenge the decision to revoke his UK entry clearance. We prepared a pre-action protocol correspondence and served on to the Entry Clearance Manager / Home Office through our solicitors in the UK. The ECM accepted that the revocation decision was not served properly on to “KR” and agreed to reconsider the decision.

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