Fresh Visit Visa Application

Fresh Visit Visa Application

Proposition: “JW” is a retired person, surviving on pension and the money he receives from his daughter from the UK every month. “JW” applied for visit visa; with the help of his daughter; for himself and wife to visit their daughter and grandchildren in the UK. However, their UK visa applications were refused on the basis that the submitted bank statements were not a true reflection of his declared income. Thus the ECO was not satisfied that he had presented accurate financial circumstances or how he is supported in Pakistan. Furthermore, the ECO was also not satisfied that “JW” has enough incentive to return to Pakistan after short visit to UK.

Advice: After taking a look at the refusal letter and the submitted visa application forms, we advised “JW” not to challenge the refusal. We forwarded our assessment form to “JW” to analyze his personal, financial and economic ties to Pakistan. By looking at the returned assessment form and the requested documentation, we advised “JW” to request certain documents from his daughter in the UK and arrange additional documentation from their end. We enclosed additional information / documentation with the fresh UK application and also made representations in the UK visa application form. “JW” and his wife have been granted 6 months UK visa this time.

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