Visit Visa Refusal 3

Proposition: The applicant is employed. His wife already had entry clearance (visa) for the UK. The couple planned to visit the UK for tourism purposes so the applicant made his visa application. However, the application was refused a UK visa for the reason that the applicant did not have sufficient money available in his bank account.

Advice: We advised the applicant to challenge the refusal on the ground that the money required for their trip was actually available in the couple’s joint bank account and that it was unreasonable on the part of ECO to ignore savings in their joint bank account.

Outcome: The Entry Clearance Manager (ECM) withdrew the refusal decision and accordingly the applicant was issued with 6 months multiple visit visa to the UK. We at UK Visa Consultants assess every application thoroughly keeping in view the applicant’s personal circumstances. We only advise the applicants to make their application when we are confident that they meet the UK Immigration Rules.

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