Successful Family Visit Visa UK Application within 8 days

Successful Family Visit Visa UK Application within 8 days

Proposition: The applicant is a self-sufficient person, holding assets in Pakistan. The applicant’s immediate family is also present and settled in Pakistan. The applicant has been refused twice family visit visa UK application in the past, despite having strong ties to Pakistan. The Applicant’s last visit visa UK application was prepared by a lawyer in the UK. The applicant had lost confidence and faith in the UK Immigration system and was not sure if it was worth it to make a fresh visa application.

Advice:After perusal of the refusal letters and meeting with the Applicant, we advised the applicant to provide certain documentation, which the Applicant confirmed, was available but was never submitted with the previous UK visa applications. By the time we prepared the application and it was ready to be submitted, the applicant had re-gained confidence and was sure that visa shall be granted this time.

Outcome:His family visit visa UK application was approved within 8 days.

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