USA Visit Visa Application B1-B2 for a Family in Pakistan

USA Visit Visa Application B1-B2 for a Family in Pakistan

Proposition: A family, consisting of husband, wife and 3 children wanted to visit the USA for holidays. They have prior travelling history to the UK, when we prepared their UK family visit visa application few years back. Their circumstances were slightly changed from last time.

Advice: We were already aware of their financial, familial and personal ties with Pakistan. Accordingly, we advised the client the requirements of B1/B2  US visit visa in order to make a successful US visit visa application from Pakistan. We prepared their US visit visa application forms and prepared the applicants for their interview at US embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is most important for US visit visa applications that the applicants are very well prepared for the US visa interview at US Embassy in Islamabad. We also prepared their children for the interview which proved quite beneficial as the US visa officer asked the children about their intended trip to the US.

Outcome: In the end the US visa officer was satisfied that this family was genuine visitors and would return to their settled life in Pakistan at the end of their short US visit. The Applicants received their 5 years multiple US visit visa from American Embassy in Islamabad in 4 weeks.

We at UK Visa Consultants assess every application thoroughly keeping in view their personal circumstances. We only advise the applicants to make their application when we are confident that they meet the Visa / Immigration Rules and that there are bright chances of getting the visa. However, we strongly urge the clients to bear in mind that we do not provide any guarantee of getting visa nor we prepare any documents our self. We only use documents which we believe are genuine and legitimately obtained by the clients.