UK PLAB Visa Application for Doctor in Pakistan

UK PLAB Visa Application for Doctor in Pakistan

Proposition: The applicant is a MBBS graduate who recently qualified from a Private medical college in Pakistan. The applicant is registered with GMC in England and is enrolled for PLAB 2 exam. The applicant has successfully completed his PLAB 1 test in the past and recently finished his house job. The applicant was not sure about UK PLAB visa requirements and instructed UK Visa Consultants to advise him on the PLAB 2 visa requirements for doctors from Pakistan. The applicant, amongst other issues, was not sure about financial requirements for PLAB visa application from Pakistan.

Advice: After perusal of documents the applicant had, we advised the applicant to provide certain additional documents keeping in view his personal, familial and economic circumstances in Pakistan and prepared his UK PLAB visa application. We also advised the applicant about his financials so that he can borrow money from his family accordingly to meet UK immigration requirements for PLAB visa.

Outcome:The Applicant received his visa within 2 weeks.

We at UK Visa Consultants assess every application thoroughly keeping in view personal circumstances of the applicant. We only advise the applicants to make their application when we are confident that they meet the UK Immigration Rules and that there are bright chances of getting the visa. It is our motto to “keep documentations plain and easy”. However, we strongly urge the clients to bear in mind that we do not provide any guarantee of getting visa nor we prepare any documents our self. We only use documents which we believe are genuine and legitimately obtained by the clients.