US Visit Visa Application B1-B2

US Visit Visa Application B1-B2

Proposition: The applicant wants to visit the USA to attend a conference to read a paper. The applicant has letter from the employer’s company confirming they would bear cost of the trip. The applicant is a teacher and immediate family is present and settled in Pakistan. However, the US visit visa application has been refused recently.

Advice: After perusal of the US refusal letter, we advised the applicant to make another attempt to apply for US visit visa to attend the same conference. We advised the client on the requirements of US visit visa documentation, prepared the US visit application form and also prepared the applicant for the interview. It is most important for US visit visas that the applicants are very well prepared for the US visa interview at US Embassy in Islamabad.

Outcome: The Applicant received her 5 years multiple B1/B2 visa in 2 weeks

We at UK Visa Consultants assess every application thoroughly keeping in view their personal circumstances. We only advise the applicants to make their application when we are confident that they meet the Visa / Immigration Rules and that there are bright chances of getting the visa. However, we strongly urge the clients to bear in mind that we do not provide any guarantee of getting visa nor we prepare any documents our self. We only use documents which we believe are genuine and legitimately obtained by the clients.