Family Visit Visa UK Application

Family Visit Visa UK Application

Proposition:The Applicant is running her own private special education school. She herself applied for family visit visa UK application to visit her brother, A British National present and settled in the UK. However the visa application was refused with no right of appeal. The visa officer was not satisfied with her financials and familial ties with Pakistan and found that she does not qualify for entry clearance on balance of probabilities.

Advice:. After perusal of her visa refusal letter, UK visa application form and the documents which were submitted with the UK visa application, we interviewed the applicant. We were of the view that, first of all, there was no point in challenging the refusal decision. There have been instances when we advise the applicants not to make any application but in this case we advised the applicant that the best course of action would be to file a fresh UK visa application, with additional documents which were not previously submitted. Accordingly, we requested for certain documents which were then provided and a fresh UK visa application to visit family member in the UK was submitted.

Outcome: The Applicant received her visa in two weeks.

We at UK Visa Consultants assess every application thoroughly keeping in view the applicant’s personal circumstances. We only advise the applicants to make their application when we are confident that they meet the UK Immigration Rules.