Health and Care Visa UK – A Long Cherished Dream

Health and Care Visa UK – A Long Cherished Dream

UK Visa Consultants
May 19, 2020

To pursue a career in the UK is a dream that many share. National Health Service (NHS) has good news and a bad news. The bad news is that NHS is short of staff and the Good News is that NHS is seeking to recruit healthcare professionals. The UK is offering Health and Care Visa starting from August 2020. Under the Tier-2 category, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Healthcare Professional, and Social Health Care Professionals can apply.

This is an awesome opportunity for the healthcare professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Healthcare Professional Staff, and Social Health Care Staff) to materialize their dream of relocating without compromising the career. However, there are eligibility criteria for applying for this Health and Care Visa for the UK.

The applicant must hold a degree and license from their regulatory authority for the category under which the application is made. One year, post-qualification experience is necessary. The applicant needs a sponsorship/ job offer from NHS or any organization that is providing services to NHS for that matter. Moreover, proof of English Language ability is also mandatory for getting a Tier-2 Visa. Here, the standard is almost the same as for other categories.

People tend to forgo many life-changing opportunities only to avoid the cumbersome paperwork involved where one has to represent and evaluate oneself. Yeah…been there, done that! Favorably, UK Immigration Rules are changing from 01 December 2020 making it easier for health and care professionals to look for a job in the UK. Healthcare Professionals who apply for New Health and Care Visa under Tier-2 are offered inescapable inducements i.e. exemption in IHS-Immigration Health Surcharge, generous concession in Visa Fee, Fast Track Entry, and dedicated support for the processing of application at all levels. Moreover, the relocated Healthcare Professional in the UK would also be eligible to bring dependent family members (spouse & minor children). Study is also possible as long as it does not interrupt the work with your employer/ sponsor. Last but not the least, the second job is not restricted under this category; only that certain rules may apply therein.

For Nursing and Midwifery staff in Pakistan, this is an incomparable opportunity for settling in the UK with dependent family members. The pay-scale, workplace environment, working hours, wages, and added allowances and benefits are a huge catch in itself. To avail this opportunity, the applicant has to get registered with the relevant regulatory body. Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the official body that regulates the nurses and midwives’ professionals in the UK. To work legally in the UK as an overseas nurse or midwife, initially, one must get registered with NMC. Upon successful registration with NMC Nursing and Midwifery Council UK, one also gets a PIN number to practice and work in UK. This works as a license no. to practice in the field.

Yes, it seems not so complicated. MOST of the Visa Applications are refused for reasons other than eligibility; for what the applicant failed to represent what he has done on the paper and in case of any refusal or objection, unable to advocate its right to get a Visa.

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