EEA Deadline Approaching Soon

UK Visa Consultants
Mar 05, 2020

The UK has left the European Union EU on 31st December 2020 therefore EEA family permit deadline is 30th June 2021.

Family members of EEA National whether close or extended EEA family members, who are dependent on their EEA relative must make their EEA family permit applications before the deadline.


EEA family members who have either settled or pre-settled status in the UK can sponsor EEA Family permit applications under EU Settlement Scheme.

To be eligible for an EEA family visa to travel to the UK, the conditions need to be met are:


  1. you are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), and
  2. a member of the family of an EEA national, a Swiss national or a qualified individual from Northern Ireland.

Two different types of EEA permits for families exist:

  1. the EU Settlement Scheme family permit, and
  2. the EEA family permit.


At UK Visa Consultants we can advise you under which category you can make your EEA Family permit Application from Pakistan.

Our UK Immigration lawyers in Pakistan and the UK can thoroughly assess your circumstances and advise you on the right type of permit.



To apply for an EU Settlement Scheme family permit, you must be an immediate (close) family member of an EEA citizen who is living in the UK.

A close member of the family is a spouse, Adult dependent adult, and dependent child under 21 years of age.



Extended family members such as cousins, siblings, and uncles, etc can also apply for EEA family permits if they can establish their relationship and dependency.

In our experience, many EEA family members are unable to make successful EEA family permit applications because relationship evidence is weak or dependency is not established properly.

We advise our clients according to their circumstances and prepare their EEA family permit application according to the EU Regulations.



The EEA Residence Permit grants EEA citizens and their dependents, under European law, the freedom to live and work without restriction in the United Kingdom.

The EEA National or their EEA Dependents are entitled to work and live in the UK without any immigration restriction. The Residence Permit is valid for 5 years and the applicant will not apply for Permanent Residence PR after 5 years of their stay in the UK.


An appeal against EEA Family permit refusal


Many EEA Family Permit applications from Pakistan get refused. The Applicant must file an appeal within 28 days of refusal of their EEA family permit application if they think the refusal is wrong.

The Appeal process can be expensive and lengthy therefore it is really important to make the right decision.

It is important to note that fresh evidence can be submitted in an appeal against the refusal of the EEA Family permit therefore the appellant must fully understand the refusal and make an informed choice to produce further evidence before the court hearing.

It is also advisable to engage an expert barrister from the UK who can fight your case in Court.

We have helped many dependents of EEA Family members who wish to join their sponsor in the UK by making their Family permit application and or filing an appeal against the refusal of the EEA family permit application. Call us today and book your initial consultation.