Canada, home to people of various ethnicities is considered the second preferred option for Pakistanis who intend to travel abroad to carry out business activities and for tourism purposes. Canada is hosting a considerable number of immigrants from Pakistan. A recent study illustrates that the number of Pakistani immigrants increased 98% from 79,315 in 2001 to 156,860 in 2011, making Pakistanis among the largest foreign-born groups in Canada. Canada is known for its hospitality, nonracial attitude and warm reception, friendly and welcoming people. The tourist friendly country has been a major magnate for people of every ethnicity and different walks of life. Such favourable conditions encourage many Pakistan to plan their vacations in Canada.

Canada Visitor Visa (Family & Tourism)

An individual who intends to visit Canada for tourism, meeting family & relatives should apply for Canada Visitor Visa or TVR (Temporary Resident Visa).Canada Visitor Visa is an official document that is placed by Canadian Visa Office as a proof that you have met all the requirements set by the Canadian visa authority for admission to Canada as a temporary resident.UK Visa Consultants are a trusted team of immigration attorneys and lawyers who have a competitive edge in the market for being highly professional experienced offering authentic advice to valued clients. Our expert lawyers are known for handling complicated Canada Visa cases which others refrain from. It is recommended to invest in a professional lawyer for Canada Visitor Visa rather than relying on consultants with partial knowledge resulting in refusal of your visa application.

Canada like any other country has its own immigration rules and regulation that need to be followed in order to obtain Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan or Temporary Resident Visa. An individual who intends to apply for Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan is advised to meet the following criterion:

Canadian Visit Visa Requirements:

  • The applicant should provide evidence to the visa officer of leaving Canada after the completion of the Canada Visitor Visa
  • The applicant should provide the evidence of funds for residence, maintenance and return to Pakistan
  • The applicant should provide strong proof of not intending to work in Canada during the Canada Visitor Visa duration
  • Proof of non involvement of any criminal activity
  • The applicant should present evidence of being a law abiding citizen of the Pakisan
  • The applicant should provide evidence of not being a security risk to Canada
  • The applicant should be in a good health when applying for Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan.
  • Individuals who apply for Canadian Visitor Visa from Pakistan need to give biometrics

Who can apply for Canada Visit Visa with the main applicant?

  • Spouse
  • Dependent Children under 22 years of age and who do not have a spouse
  • Dependent Children of Children above 22 years who have been financially reliant on the parents since before the age of 22 or have any mental or physical disability.
  • Dependent child of a dependent child (It refers to children of dependent children).

Parents or grandparents who want to meet their children or grandchildren residing in Canada can apply under the category of Super Visa or Long term Temporary Resident Visa which allows the applicant to stay in Canada for 2 years.

Requirements for Obtaining Super Visa or Long term Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan:

  • Provide an invitation letter from your family member living in Canada for e.g. child. Your grandchild residing there could also send you an invitation letter.
  • Evidence is required by your child or grandchild that they meet the minimum of
  • Provide evidence of relationship to the Canadian resident you intend to visit such as birth certificate and/or official documents with your name as a father, mother, grandfather or grandmother)
  • Provide evidence of  that you have private medical insurance valid for a minimum of one year from an insurance company of Canada which gives coverage for hospitalization, recovery and medical treatment .The insurance should provide a coverage of  at least $100 000 and should be valid for all visit to Canada.

Canadian Business Visitor Visa

Individuals who intend to visit Canada temporarily to carry out business activities, study the potential markets, invest, grow business or advance business relationship, attend seminars, business fairs and exhibitions can apply for Canada Business Visitor Visa.

Requirements for Canada Business Visit Visa

  • Applicant of Canada Business Visitor Visa should provide evidence of having strong ties with Pakistan
  • Applicant of Canadian Business Visit Visa should provide evidence to the visa officer of not staying in Canada for more than 6 months
  • Applicant of Canada Visitor Visa (Business) should provide evidence of not intending to enter in the Canadian labour market
  • Applicant of Canadian Visitor Business Visa should provide evidence of major place of business activities, source of income and profits outside Canada.
  • Applicant of Canadian Business Visit Visa should provide complete set of supporting documents
  • Applicant of Canada Business Visit Visa should have a valid passport
  • Applicant of Business visit visa Canada should provide evidence of funds for maintenance and return.
  • Applicant of Canadian Business Visitor Visa should provide evidence of returning to home country after the completion of visa course.
  • Applicant of Canada Visit Business Visa should provide evidence of not being a health or security risk to Canadians.

Processing time of Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan -Tourist, Family & Business:

The application of Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan (Tourist, Family & Business) takes up to 34 days to be processed from the day of submission to the Canadian Embassy. Things that delay processing are

  • Unclear copies of supporting documents
  • Criminal or security concerns
  • Verification of your information and documents
  • Medical condition that require further test and consultation
  • consultation in process with other offices in Canada and abroad

Canada Visitor Visa fee:

It is advisable to pay Canadian Visitor Visa application and the biometric fee at the same time to avoid any delays in visa processing. Canada Visitor Visa fee is CAD 100 per person and CAD 500 for a family of 5 or more. Family members must apply at same place and in one go in order to avoid paying extra fee.

Why choose UK Visa Consultants for your Canada Visitor Visa Application?

UK Visa Consultants have been providing valuable counseling for Canada Visitor Visa and Canada Business Visitor Visa to clients living in Pakistan and overseas. We have a large number of clientele in South Asia, Middle East and Europe.  Our highly qualified team of lawyers and immigration attorneys assist clients with many aspects of Canadian Visit Visa application from Palitan, walk them step by step through the essential stages of application process and provide complete guidance on relevant documentation.

  • Professional Guidance on Canada Visitor Visa Application: Filling out the application form is the next step after compilation of the supporting documents. Understanding of the Canada Visitor Visa Application form is essential for the visa to be successful.UK Visa Consultants counsel clients on Canada Visit Visa application, giving them the confidence to provide relevant information and avoiding inappropriate details. Our dedicated team of immigration attorneys study each case meticulously ensuring that all the significant information is provided in the visa application form optimizing the chances of success.
  • Handling Technicalities of Immigration Rules and Policies: Canada like every country has several immigration rules and guidelines for different visa categories including Canada Visit Visa and Canada Business Visit Visa. An immigration attorney has comprehensive knowledge of the immigration rules and policies which a layman might not have. We at UK Visa Consultants have a qualified team of immigration attorneys and lawyers who are well versed and well equipped to tackle all the technicalities of immigration process and online Canada Visitor Visa The client does not have to go through any hassle of understanding the laws as we look out for their best interest. Only an expert immigration lawyer or attorney has a better understanding of visa technicalities which an ordinary consult or travel agent might not.
  • Strictly comply with the immigration rules and regulations: We at UK Visa Consultants observe stringent and ethical guidelines providing consultation or handling a case of Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan, and encourage our clients to do the same. Any misinterpretation of information or forged documentation is highly discouraged. Our motto is to work in the best possible interest of the masses being in line with the immigration rules and regulation.
  • Providing Tailored Solutions, Keeping the Confidentiality & Assisting in opting the right visa category: UK Visa Consultants having the best immigration attorneys and lawyers in Pakistan offer services to a multitude of clients providing tailored solution by taking personal, familial and financial circumstances into account. Every case has its own merits and de-merits which need to be analyzed for thorough understanding. Most applicants who apply for Canada Visit Visa application from Pakistan cannot evaluate the impact of their personal, familial and financial conditions on their visa application in an effective manner and that’s where an expert immigration lawyer is required. We at UK Visa Consultants pay personal attention to every detail keeping the confidentiality of the client as a priority. It is observed that in most cases the purpose of visit differ from the category selected in the application when applying for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan. A competent immigration lawyer could always assist you in choosing the right category and guidance with the relevant documentation.
  • Complete counseling on the relevant documentation: Any misrepresentation, misinterpretation or forgery of documentation could land the applicant in a dire situation barring him/her from entering Canada. Discrepancy in the Canada Visitors Visa application and the supporting documents results in the refusal of Canadian Visa .A number of documents apart from the main checklist are required which only the best immigration attorney in Pakistan could guide you on.  A sound financial statement is not enough to guarantee successful Canada Visa. Many applicants with strong financial status end up being refused Canadian Visitors Visa from Pakistan. UK Visa Consultants one of the best Canada visa consultants in Pakistan having in depth knowledge of the relevant documentation for Canadian Visit Visa. We advise the clients on documentation to attach and refrain from, as there is no room for error. UK Visa Consultants are well aware of all the legalities and merits on which the visa officer accepts or rejects a Canada visa We provide authentic advice on relevant documents complying with the Canadian Immigration guidelines and policies.
  • Evaluation & Auditing the financial documents: As Pakistan is ranked amongst the top most countries in the world for having an undocumented economy, the financial documents should have transparency and the element of prudence. UK Visa Consultants, one of the best Canadian visa consultants in Pakistan, are professional immigration lawyers who provide assistance in prudence of the accounting matters for example bank statement evaluation, ensuring that the financial factors favour the Canadian Visitor Visa Application from Pakistan..
  • Cost Effective, Efficient & Less Time Consuming: UK Visa Consultants charge a fee in exchange of their services but in return save their clients’ time and money in the long run. Our Modus Operandi is to deal with utmost transparency & being straightforward to our clients. We value our customers’ time and always strive to deliver the best yet being cost effective and less time consuming. We at UK Visa Consultants provide advisory services for documentation and Canada visa application, saving the client from the probability of refusal and reapplication which incurs extra cost and time. As most applicants are unaware of what documents to attach, the chances of refusal are high. That is why we provide efficient & professional services towards the prevention of dismay.
  • Well informed of the Immigration Laws: UK Visa Consultants are well informed and up to date with any changes in the immigration policies and prepares your Canada visa application meticulously in accordance with any possible changes in the regulations.
  • Reduce the risk of Visa Refusal: UK Visa Consultants are highly professional in handling Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan, ensuring that all the relevant information is provided to the Canadian Visa Officer thus reducing the risk of visa refusal of Canadian Visa. We as one of the best Canadian visa consultants in Pakistan assist in clarifying ambiguity that the client has regarding the Canada visa process and visa.

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