UK Family Permit Visa Application

UK Family Permit Visa Application

Proposition: The applicant is married to an EEA national (Netherlands) exercising European treaty rights in the UK. Treaty rights means that the person is a European national, living and working in the UK.  The applicant wanted to join her husband in the UK. Since UK immigration laws do not apply to European nationals or their family members, the applicant was not required to meet financial requirements of £18600 per annum income threshold.

Advice: We advised the applicant in accordance with European Regulations and requested to provide evidence of treaty rights and subsistence of marriage.

Outcome: The Applicant received her visa in 4 weeks.

We at UK Visa Consultants assess every application thoroughly keeping in view their personal circumstances. We only advise the applicants to make their application when we are confident that they meet the UK Immigration Rules and that there are bright chances of getting the visa. However, we strongly urge the clients to bear in mind that we do not provide any guarantee of getting visa nor we prepare any documents our self. We only use documents which we believe are genuine and legitimately obtained by the clients.