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Sole Representative Overseas Business

Sole Representative Overseas Business Visa Application | UK Business Immigration

Sole Representative Visa is for a representative of the company who is planning to set up a UK branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary for the parent company or as an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting organization, posted on a long-term assignment to the UK.

The applicant must meet the eligibility requirements.

UK Business Immigration has its own charms. The Sole Representative Visa’s aim is to open new business corridors. Businesses in Pakistan can avail of this UK Business Visa and extend the business in the UK, Europe, and potentially the whole world.

Any business’s credibility increases manifold if its branches or subsidiaries are set up in different geographic locations.

Businesses in Pakistan have huge potential and they can provide their services and products effectively in the UK on UK Business visas.

At UK Visa Consultants we aim to provide authentic UK Business Immigration consultancy in Lahore, giving our clients detailed insight guidance on UK Business Visas

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Validity Of Sole Representative Visa

Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa is granted for an initial period of 3 years and in the due process may be able to extend the visa for another 2 years. 

After the applicant has been in the UK for 5 years, he or she can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain ILR in the UK and eventually qualify for British Nationality.

The applicant can during the stay in the UK:

  • Work for the business,
  • Bring the family (‘dependents’) to the UK,
  • Extend the visa multiple times,
  • Apply to settle in the UK after 5 years of legal residence in the UK.

However, the applicant cannot:

  • Work for himself or any other business,
  • Stay in the UK if the sole representative arrangement is ended by the business,
  • Switch to this visa from any other visa category,
  • Get public funds, during the stay in the UK.

Eligibility Sole Representative Visa

To be eligible for this visa the applicant must:

  • Have enough money to support him or herself without help from public funds,
  • Can meet the English requirement to A1 skills level,
  • Be recruited and employed outside the UK by a company whose headquarters and principal place of business are outside the UK,
  • Have extensive related industry experience and knowledge,
  • Hold a senior position within the company (but not be a major shareholder) and have full authority to make decisions on its behalf,
  • Intend to establish the company’s first commercial presence in the UK, e.g. a registered branch or a wholly owned subsidiary

Knowledge Of English Language For Sole Representative Visa

The applicant may need to prove knowledge of the English language at the time of making Sole Representative Visa application from Pakistan.

The applicant can prove knowledge of English by either passing an approved English language test with at least CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening or having an academic qualification that was taught in English and is recognized by UK NARIC as being equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD.

Data Required For Sole Representative Visa UK

  • Complete details of applicant’s activities in the UK
  • Applicant’s remuneration and job description
  • Complete and descriptive business plan for the planned UK establishment.
UK Visa Consultants

Sole Representatives As Investors And Shareholders In The Parent Company

A majority shareholder in the parent company cannot apply for the sole representative visa.

It is deemed that the center of operation of the main company is being moved to the UK. However, a sole representative who does not have the major shares in the parent company can apply for this UK visa category.

Sole Representatives As A Proxy Or Agent

A sole representative must be delegated full authority to make decisions and run the overseas establishment without the assistance of the parent branch.

He or she should be fully dedicated to establishing a commercial presence of its parent company in the United Kingdom. It should be noted that a sole representative should not take secondary employment or work on behalf or in the interest of any other company apart from the parent company.

How UK Visa Consultants Can Help You In Forming A Company In The UK?

UK Visa Consultants provide a road map for clients to run their business activities in the UK on Sole Representative Visa. This UK Business Visa category is complex hence it is advisable to seek professionals’ assistance.

We arrange professionals who can provide the following services:

  • Preparing a strong business plan
  • Assessing business feasibility
  •  Cost and Accounting
  • Company registration and maintenance
  • Selecting a suitable property to run the business
  • Property evaluations
  • Choosing the right banking methods
  • Opening bank accounts in the UK
  • Tax Registrations
  • Running security checks to ensure the credibility of a potential partner or business to invest, buy, or forming a partnership
  • Trademark registration
  • Legal services such as contracts with business entities
  • Selecting a suitable company name, where required
  • Documents preparation to be submitted in the Companies House and Registrar of
  • Companies
  • Maintaining registers
  • The number of officers to be appointed
  • Life Insurance
  • Advising on private education

Our expert UK Immigration lawyers in Lahore are apt at handling UK business immigration-related matters and professionals are well versed with the UK market to assist clients in establishing the business in the UK.

We arrange experts sole representative in lahore who provide all business-related services which include complete preparation of the business plan, analyzing business feasibility, choosing the appropriate type of business and its structure, choosing of property for commercial activities, opting suitable banking methods, company’s registration in the UK, all sort of legal paperwork, cost and accounting services, taxation, etc. Our commercial services are cost-effective and save a great deal of time for the businesses who genuinely want to explore the UK & Europe markets and beyond.

Assistance To Clients For Sole Representative Visa From Pakistan

UK Visa Consultants is one of the best UK immigration consultants in lahore with a highly professional team providing services to clients seeking for Sole Representative Visa from Pakistan.

Furthermore, our competent team can arrange services of experienced professionals for company formation for candidates applying for a Sole Representative Visa from Pakistan. 

We provide tailored solutions to clients in a professional, effective, and timely manner.

Sole Representative Visa Application Fee From Pakistan

  • A Representative of an Overseas Business visa costs for now is £610 (High Commission). This fee is subject to revision by the Government.
  • An employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organization visa cost for now is £610. (High Commission). This fee is subject to Government changes.

In addition the applicant must pay the healthcare surcharge as part of their application.

Family Members – Dependents Of Sole Representative Applicants

The applicant’s family members (‘dependents’) can go to the UK as Sole Representative Dependents by making separate application/s. A ‘dependent’ is your husband, wife children under 18 years. The family members must pay the healthcare surcharge as part of their application.

Refusal Of Sole Representative Visa Application From Pakistan

Most of the UK immigration categories no longer provide right of appeal in case of a refusal of the UK Visa application. 

For the same reason, only a right of administrative review is given against the refusal of sole representative visa application to those applicants whose sole representative visa application or Sole Representative Leave to Remain application is refused.


The Sole representative applicant is given an opportunity to challenge the refusal of sole representative visa application by providing relevant arguments or documents in very rare cases.

 The refusal decision shall disclose reasons of refusal of Sole Representative visa application.


Therefore it is important that all the relevant documentation is enclosed with your UK Business Immigration application. 

We at UK Visa Consultants can advise on next steps in case of unfortunate even of refusal of the UK Sole Representative visa or UK Business Visa application from Pakistan.

Time Limit To Make Sole Representative Visa Administrative Review Application

It is important for the applicants to meet the deadline that is required to make sole representative visa administrative review application to UK Home Office within 28 days from Pakistan or 14 calendar days from the UK otherwise the Home Office may reject the application unless exceptional reasons for the delay are provided.

Grounds For Sole Representative Visa Application Administrative Review From Pakistan

One must carefully consider and draft the Sole Representative grounds of Administrative Review on which the applicant may rely in their administrative review application. 

This is an opportunit0y for the applicant to address all the issues and concerns raised in the notice of decision and the reasons of refusal. 

Therefore it is advisable to seek legal help from UK Immigration lawyer in Pakistan to prepare your Sole Representative Visa refusal administrative review application.

Outcome Of Sole Representative Visa Administrative Review

Once the administrative review is lodged against the refusal of UK sole representative visa application, a different caseworker considers the grounds and may make one of the following decisions:
May overturn the original decision and issue visa to the applicant, or
May maintain the original decision along with all the reasons of refusal; or
May maintain the original decision of refusal but may decide to withdraw one or more reasons of refusal; or
May maintain the decision but with different or additional reasons to those specified in the decision under review.

Further Options

If the decision of Sole Representative Visa application refusal is maintained by the decision maker then from the date of refusal of administrative review the applicant may make a fresh Sole Representative Visa application within14 days or may also lodge Judicial Review proceedings if it is considered that both the decision maker of the Administrative review application and original application both had error in the consideration of your UK Business Visa application.

We advise to all Sole Rep visa applicants to make a very careful judgment and seek help from an Expert UK Visa Consultant when deciding whether to issue a Judicial Review claim or to make a fresh Sole Representative Visa application in case the Admin Review has been refused by the Home Office.


UK Business visa is one in which it entitles the holder to carry business activities in the UK.

Sole Representative Visa UK allows a company to set up a branch in the UK or completely own a subsidiary of the parent company back home.

An employee of an overseas company who represents its parent company in the UK by setting up a UK branch or completely owned subsidiary of the main company is termed as an overseas representative. It includes employees of news agencies or broadcasting channels appointed on long-term assignment in the UK.

Sole Representative Visa processing time from Pakistan is generally 3- 6 weeks.

Sole Representative Visa fee from Pakistan for each individual is £610, albeit visa fee is subject to revision by the Home Office. The visa fee is same for an official/ employee of an overseas news organisation applying for the aforementioned visa category.

Documents are required from both the parent company and the applicant himself. Documents required for UK Sole Rep visa depend on the nature of business and circumstances of the applicant. We at UK Visa Consultants possess relevant expertise to advise our client on the Sole Rep documentation. 

An applicant can apply for their spouse, civil partner and children under the age of 18 years as Dependents of Sole Representative. As for Sole Representative Visa UK dependant requirements, the main applicant must have proof in monetary terms for his maintenance as well as of his/her dependents. Here it is important to note that dependants have to pay for immigration healthcare surcharge for the entire duration of their visa which is only refunded if the visa application is unsuccessful.

Certainly our expert UK Immigration lawyer in Lahore can advise you on refusal of Sole Rep visa application from Pakistan. Please call us to book initial consultation with one of our best UK Immigration Visa Consultants in Lahore Pakistan.

UK Sole Representative visa refusal can be challenged firstly by way of Admin Review and if not successful then in the Upper Tribunal of Immigration and Asylum Chamber by way of Judicial Review application with the help of an expert UK Immigration lawyer. However, UK Sole Representative visa refusal grounds are first assessed by the lawyer to see whether the applicant was rightly refused or not. In case, there is a case working error by the Entry Clearance Officer, the UK Sole Representative refusal decision can be reviewed in an Administrative Review against Sole Rep Application from Pakistan.

Sole Representative Visa UK dependant requirements are as follows:


  • The person applying as Dependent of Sole Representative Visa UK must be a non EEA or Swiss citizen,
  • The person applying for Dependent of UK Sole Representative visa application should be the main applicant’s husband or wife or child under the age of 18,


UK Sole Representative visa interview questions are based on the nature of overseas business and its UK office. The Entry Clearance Officer can ask questions revolving around the structure of the business, the operations which would be carried out in the UK branch & the responsibilities of the sole representative in the UK. In order to obtain Sole Representative Visa UK, the applicant should be thoroughly prepared for the visa interview. It is advisable to get prepared for Sole Rep Visa application interview by an expert UK Visa Consultant to avoid visa refusal.

An Entry Clearance Officer approves or refuses Sole Representative visa application on merits. Sole Representative visa success rate depends on the compliance of UK Immigration Laws by the applicants.


UK Visa Consultants has a high Sole Representative Visa success rate of above 95% due to our expert legal team. We strictly comply with the UK Immigration Laws for successful outcome of our client’s UK Visa Application.

The general documents required for Sole Representative visa UK are as below:

  • A valid passport
  • Business evidence
  • Business plan
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself in the UK
  • English Language proficiency test result
  • Tuberculosis test result


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