PLAB 2 Visa Application from Pakistan 2022 [Top Points Discussed]

PLAB 2 Visa Application from Pakistan 2022 [Top Points Discussed]

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Sep 11, 2019

(Challenges faced by doctors making visa application from Pakistan)


Doctors give multiple exams to get specialization in their respective fields. Different medical examinations or degrees verify a doctor’s competence and expertise to work in a medical facility; entrusted with treating the patients.


Once a medical practitioner clears PLAB 1 exam, medical professionals gunning to make a name for themselves in the field of medicine initiate preparation for Professional Linguistic Assessment Board 2, commonly referred to as PLAB 2.

At this particular stage, applicants who intend to apply for PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan find themselves in a state of ambivalence, scouting for the right counsel but most of the time they encounter erroneous guidance.

This is where the UK Visa Consultants step in to provide an answer for your conundrums.

First and foremost before one embarks on this academic journey, he or she must make sure that they are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), which is a public body tasked with maintenance of the official roster of medical practitioners within the precincts of the United Kingdom.

The GMC is responsible for protecting, promoting, and maintaining health registers.

UK Visa Consultants having 15 plus years of case handling experience of PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan is the right option when thorough, essential and step by step guidance for PLAB 2 Visa is needed.

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What does the PLAB 2 exam cover?

The PLAB 2 exam is more of a conceptual one, to test how well you apply your knowledge to treat the patients in the best possible manner.

It is by no means a criterion to ascertain how well has one memorized facts. In addition, it includes everything a doctor trained in the UK anticipates on the first day of Foundation year 2.


If you are applying for PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan, you should expect the questions regarding the best medical practices and answer them in accordance with empirically published evidence.

With this, you need to be acquainted with the most recent edition of the British National Formulary (BNF) since the name of the drugs used in the exams is taken from it.

Lastly, doctors making PLAB 2 Visa applications from Pakistan must diligently peruse the PLAB 2 test Blueprint designed by GMC in order to provide sitters with what kind of topics, skills, and procedures will be covered in the exam.


PLAB 2 Eligibility


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PLAB 2 Examination fee in Pakistan


PLAB 2 examination fee in Pakistan is the same as for other countries. Individuals who are applying for PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan have to pay an examination fee of £840 to the General Medical Council (GMC).


What are the challenges that can be encountered by medical practitioners and doctors applying for PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan?

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Successful PLAB 2 Visa From Pakistan


There are multiple challenges faced by medical professionals who intend to apply for PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan. The first and foremost challenge is to attain a PLAB 2 Visa which is followed by properly organized documentation and solid application.

This is where you hit a bump in the road, but UK Visa Consultants possess the finesse to arrange the documents and prepare your PLAB 2 Visa application.

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Searching For the Right PLAB 2 tutorial Institute


Doctors who apply for a PLAB 2 visa from Pakistan usually go through the impediment of scouting the right institute for the PLAB 2 examination preparation.

Since some doctors having cleared PLAB 1 are coming to the UK just for the second time, they have inconvenience in finding a tuition center that can prepare them well for the PALB 2 exam.

Secondly, they also have to keep their budget in mind; to find a tutorial institute which at the same time is not too heavy on their pocket and also provides quality preparation.

These applicants need to consider other expenses such as of accommodation as well transportation and facilities of utility.

Accommodation in the UK for PLAB 2 Applicants


In few cases applicants find a good PLAB 2 tutorial institute which also provides nominal accommodation alongside basic facilities of utility such as refrigerator, washing machine, cooking stove, iron et cetera.

But in most situations, doctors find accommodation that is not nominal and not in proximity of PLAB 2 training institute and the center of their examination. The resultant is soaring cost of transportation. Moreover, basic utilities have to be spent separately.


If your family or relatives are residing in the UK who have agreed to cover your accommodation, then you need not to pay for any utility bills, making it the best-case scenario.


UK Visa Consultants is one of the best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan guide PLAB 2 Visa applicants step by step through the PLAB 2 Visa application process. Most applicants are of the opinion that they can fill out the PLAB 2 Visa application on their own.

Even though PLAB 2 applicants try to comply with UK Immigration Laws and Home Office policies for the visa, they end up having PLAB 2 Visa refusal due to lack of right interpretation of documentation or missing out on essential information.

Our expert immigration lawyers and barristers provide you thorough assistance on PLAB 2 Visa application preparation and relevant documentation, optimizing the chances of success and dwindling the probability of PLAB 2 Visa refusal.


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