Making successful UK visit visa application

Making successful UK visit visa application

UK Visa Consultants
Aug 21, 2018

People often ask me different questions when they want to apply for the UK visit visa from Pakistan. I have highlighted below some questions and responded to them. It is imperative that the applicants fulfill Immigration Rules and also pay attention to minute details of their application in order to make a successful visitor visa UK application.


  1. What should be the minimum amount in their bank account?
  2. When can they re-apply in the case the last application has been recently refused?
  3. Is it necessary to have a sponsorship letter from a friend or relative in the UK,
  4. They were granted a UK visit visa in the past so would they be getting the new visa easily?
  5. They do have a valid US or Schengen visa so why they are being refused a UK visa this time?
  6. The refusal letter clearly states that the applicant doesn’t hold any right to appeal or administrative review so how can they challenge the refusal decision?


Well, there is no need to worry as these are quite frequent questions and are answered below:

  1. There is no set amount of money required in a bank account to make a successful visa application as long as the applicant’s incomings and outgoings from the account leave behind surplus money every month and they have sufficient amount to cover expenses of their intended trip.
  2. The applicant can re-apply anytime as long as he/she is confident that all the requirements of relevant immigration documents, immigration rules, and policy guidance of the Home Office, UK have been fulfilled.
  3. As far as sponsorship letter is concerned, there is no such necessity; however, you are required to arrange accommodation for your stay in the UK and enclose proof of the same with the application.
  4. Every application is assessed according to the rules and regulations; therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have been granted a UK visa earlier. Your latest application shall be considered in light of the information contained in your application and the documents you’ve enclosed with it. It is important to remember that the onus is on the applicants to prove that they qualify for a visa every time they apply for a UK visa.
  5. The UK has its own immigration laws and policies to grant or refuse visas. Having said that, it does not really matter if the applicant holds a valid US visa or has visited many countries in the past.
  6. Visit visas can still be challenged through judicial review in a higher court in the UK. The process could be quite expensive and complex and should only be used when it is clear that the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO – visa officer) has made an error. It is highly suggested to consult an expert in judicial review cases for professional advice.

In a nutshell, the UK Visa officer will carefully look at the information in your application and documents submitted with your visa application to assess your personal, social, and financial circumstances ties to Pakistan. You shall be granted a visa if the ECO is satisfied that you fulfill:

Therefore, an applicant has to be fully aware of all the UK Visas rules and regulations, immigration policies, and documents required to make a successful visa application. In order to make things run through, it is suggested that one should seek visa consultancy from an expert to avoid unnecessary refusals and wastage of visa fees.

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