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Immigration to Sweden (Swedish business route)

Immigration to Sweden (Swedish business route)

Sweden is situated in Northern Europe and lies between Finland and Norway, connecting with Denmark in the South-west. It is the fifth largest country in the Europe but have a low population density, providing numerous opportunities for foreigners. Along with many attractive sites, Sweden has one of the competitive economies in the world, ranking on the 11th position with highest per capita income. Foreign investors are being welcomed in the Sweden as various investment-based programs have been enacted, encouraging skillful entrepreneurs and businessmen to secure successful Immigration to Sweden.

Sweden maintains a social welfare system for its citizens, providing universal health care and tertiary education. All residents of Sweden can access free education in public schools, as education is compulsory for children between the ages of 7-16 years. Any person wishing to live in Sweden is required to apply for residence permit in order to live and work there.

People going from Pakistan for Immigration to Sweden must qualify for Sweden’s Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP) in order to successfully migrate and establish their businesses. Other requirements such as financial, language and business experience also need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for SERP and Immigration to Sweden.

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Residence permits for the self-employed for Swedish Immigration

Any person, who wish to run their own business in Sweden or working as a joint owner in another business would require a residence permit. The applicant must have a residence permit or simultaneously making application to sponsor their spouse and children for Immigration to Sweden from Pakistan. Once permit is granted then the applicant and dependent family can easily reside in the country.  

Requirements for Immigration to Sweden

The applicant can apply from Pakistan by fulfilling the following requirements for Immigration to Sweden:

    • Pay the application and residence permit fee
    • Have a valid passport
    • Sufficient funds to support you and your family for Immigration to Sweden
    • Bank statements if applicable, showing that you have sufficient funds to buy the business and to cover the estimated costs and investments necessary to run the business
    • Other business and investment supporting documents 
    • You must speak English or Swedish Language

Fees and Other General Requirements for Immigration to Sweden

  • For Immigration to Sweden from Pakistan, the applicant must show that they can support themselves and dependents (spouse and children).

    Applicant would need to show funds for supporting himself and his family for the first two years;

    For applicant himself                                    SEK 200,000

    Spouse or Partner                                          SEK 100,000

    For each accompanying child                    SEK 50,000

    Residence Permit must be obtained by the applicant owning their own business in order to stay and work in Sweden. If they can support themselves, spouse and children, then they can also be granted Swedish Family Residence Permits for Immigration to Sweden.

Requirements for Swedish Residence Permit if the Applicant Owns a Business

  •  they must have a valid passport
  •  It must be proved that the applicant own half or more of the business, have decision making responsibility and run the business 
  • The offered goods and services by your company must be sold or produced in Sweden  
  • You must show previous business experience and good industry knowledge
  • Sufficient funds for supporting yourself and your accompanied family (if any)
  • Possess knowledge of English or Swedish language  

Spouse or Family Visa after Immigration to Sweden

  • Family Members Work and Residency Permits

Family members can obtain work permits for the same period of time as the main sponsor. If the spouse or partner has received a work permit for 6 months then a member of their family can also obtain it for the same period. But it must be shown that sponsor is supporting their family members. Spouse or partner and unmarried children under 18 are included in this category.

  • How your family can apply

If your family is planning to immigrate to Sweden with the applicant then they can apply for them in the same application. If family member or members do not apply at the same time then they can also do it individually at a later time.

Swedish Permanent Residence Permits (Permanent Residency)

Any Pakistani or foreign national is eligible to apply for permanent residence permits after living in Sweden for 5 years. Their family members may also be eligible if they have lived in the country for the same 5 years period. The applicant and family can apply for Swedish citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence. Whereas if you are a resident in Sweden, you and your accompanying family members will be entitled to free healthcare and education. 

You can contact us for further information and our expert Swedish Immigration lawyer will assist you in processing your Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP) applications for Immigration to Sweden.

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Refusals Challenge / Appeals

If a visa application is rejected then it can be challenged and appeal against the decision can be lodged. The appeal against the decision can be lodged within 3 weeks of the receiving of refusal or rejection of visa application. Our expert Sweden Visa Consultant in Lahore can guide you regarding the process and lodge an appeal against the decision on your behalf with Swedish Migration Agency.

How UK Visa Consultants® can help you with your Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP) for Immigration to Sweden

Our team of expert Sweden Visa Consultant in Lahore has full experience & qualifications and they have the expertise in dealing with Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP) for Immigration to Sweden.

Sweden Visa Consultants in Pakistan shall provide you with best possible advice / consultation and accordingly prepare your Sweden Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP) for Immigration to Sweden from Pakistan. After consultation, if you want us to start preparing your Sweden immigration application you can expect the followings from UK Visa Consultants® :

  • We keep information of our clients confidential and safe,
  • Our Swedish Immigration Lawyers & Barristers shall discuss your Swedish Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP) for Immigration to Sweden in length and advise you on the required documents and other requirements of Sweden Visa,
  • Our team of Swedish Immigration expert in Pakistan shall inspect your documents very carefully and advise you if further documentation could strengthen your case,
  • Accordingly, our best Sweden Immigration Consultant in Pakistan will complete your Sweden visa application form for immigration to Sweden and make detailed representations (a detailed covering letter). This will enhance your chances of success tremendously,
  • Our Swedish Visa Consultant in Lahore are equipped to advise you on the implications of the decision on your application and accordingly challenge or appeal Sweden Immigration refusal decision confidently,
  • It will be our aim to keep you posted at all material times during pendency of your Swedish Residence Permit application’s status for Immigration to Sweden,
  • Our fees are competitive and we only charge for the work that is being carried out,
  • We shall give you estimate of the fees involved after initial consultation for Sweden Residence Permit and we shall never surprise you with hidden charges.

It is advisable that one should seek visa consultancy from the best Sweden Visa Consultants in Pakistan to avoid unnecessary refusals and wastage of visa fees. UK Visa Consultants® have the right expertise to advise and prepare your Swedish Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP) for Immigration to Sweden from Pakistan.


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