General Visit Visa UK Application

Proposition:The Applicant is running his business in one of the wholesale market in Lahore. His last UK visa application for 10 years multiple entries has been refused in 2015 on the account that his bank statements were not reflecting his true business and personal activities therefore the UK visa officer did not find him credible. In the past, the applicant has had several UK visit visas and UK tours.

Advice: After perusal of his last visa refusal letter, UK visa application form and the documents which were submitted with the UK visa application including plenty of property documents (assets in Pakistan), we interviewed the applicant. We were of the view that there was a lot of work required to straighten his financials. After having a look at his present personal and business bank statements we found him a tax lawyer in Pakistan who was expert in preparing financial documents keeping in view visa requirements and unaccounted economy issues in Pakistan. It is our common practice that we closely work with tax lawyers so to guide them about requirements for different UK visas and address issues accordingly. We advised the client to bring certain documents corroborating his familial, personal and economic ties to Pakistan. Accordingly, we prepared his General visit visa UK application for 5 years multiple entries from Pakistan.

Outcome: British High Commission sent him an email to inform that his visa application will not be processed in standard time. In due course the Applicant received his 5 years UK visit visa, though with some delay.