Danish Immigration for Medical Doctor, Dentist and Nurse

Danish Immigration for Medical Doctor, Dentist and Nurse

A doctor, dentist or nurse can apply for Danish Immigration to work in Denmark. An authorization from Danish Patient Safety Authority, Denmark is required to work as a doctor, dentist or nurse. The authorization and permission will be issued simultaneously by the Danish Patient Safety Authority. If you have also completed qualifications as a specialist, the applicant can apply for a Danish specialist title at the same time.

How To Stay In Denmark After Danish Authorisation?

If the applicant has been trained in a country other than Denmark as a doctor, dentist or a nurse; it is possible to live in Denmark after getting the residence permit as a medical doctor, dentist or a nurse. However it is necessary to pass the professional tests and learn Danish etc.

Obtaining a residence permit for the purpose of completing the process of authorization will not entitle the applicant to work in Denmark automatically. The applicant must therefore apply for a separate work permit in connection with ‘employment for adaptation and training purposes’ (evalueringsansættelse) that generally will be a part of the authorization process.

Requirements & Eligibility Criteria For Danish Residence Permit?

The applicant has to meet certain conditions in order to be granted with a residence permit to stay in Denmark for the purpose of obtaining authorization as a doctor, dentist or nurse. For the grant of residence permit, the applicant’s medical or dental training must have been approved by the Danish Patient Safety Authority. Therefore, with the application for residence permit the applicant must submit a copy of the training approval.

Dependent Family Members

The applicant must be able to support him or herself and any accompanying dependent family members. The applicant must show that they have sufficient funds to support them and any accompanying dependent family member during the first year and must provide related documentations with Danish Immigration application in order to stay in Denmark.

Maintenance Funds For Danish Immigration As A Doctor, Dentist Or Nurse

The applicant must show that they have sufficient maintenance funds in the following way;

  • Applicant without any accompanying dependent family member, DKK 36432 (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 923,895.00)
  • Applicant and an accompanying dependent spouse to stay in Denmark, DKK 72864 (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 1,847,790.01)
  • Applicant, accompanying spouse and one or more children, DKK 87420 (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 2,216,921.97)
  • Applicant has accompanying single child or more but no spouse, DKK 72858 (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 85)

FAQ – Authorisation as Doctor, Dentist or Nurse to Live & Work in Denmark

A resident permit granted for the purpose of obtaining your authorization as a doctor, dentist or nurse will allow you to stay in Denmark but it does not give you the right to work. In order to work, even when concerned with the training or employment for adaptation purposes (evalueringsansættelse), you must apply for a work permit.

With the grant of work permit, you will be allowed to work in Denmark, it will only be valid for the period of time you have been granted a residence permit for the purpose of gaining a Danish authorisation. The permit makes it possible for you to get an income during the authorisation process.

With the residence permit you can stay in Denmark until it is valid. Additionally, you are allowed to stay in any of the Schengen countries for up to 90 days. You must not stay outside of Denmark for more than 6 successive months; otherwise your permit will lapse, losing your right to stay in Denmark.

With the grant of a Danish residence permit, you are also entitled to be offered Danish lesson and you will be taught together with other foreign nationals recently arrived in the country.

If you are offered a job at a Danish hospital under ‘employment for adaptation and training purposes’ (evalueringsansættelse) then you must apply for a work permit before you start to work there. As a medical doctor you may work as health practitioner, research based health scholar, administrator, collaborator, communicator, medical expert etc.

As a doctor and dentist you will get a residence permit for 3 years, and it will be further extended for 2 years if you have passed Danish language test which is required to obtain authorisation.

If you are a nurse then you will be granted with 3 years residence permit to get your Danish authorisation. The residence permit cannot be extended more than 3 years.

A Danish residence permit for the purpose of obtaining authorisation in Denmark will allow the applicant’s accompanying dependent family members to come and stay with them in Denmark. A permit can be granted to the applicant’s spouse / partner as well as children under the age of 18 living at home.

The standard application process time is 1 month

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