Who can apply for PLAB Visa?

Any doctor who is qualified outside the UK and wishes to practice in the UK must register with the general Medical Council and is required to pass the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board to demonstrate that he/she has the necessary skills and knowledge to practice medicine in the UK.

 The two stages of the PLAB test

The GMC stipulates that doctors must pass Part 1 before they can be admitted to Part 2 of the test and can apply for Plab Visa. Please note – part one can be taken in the UK or abroad, but part two can only be taken in the UK.

If the Applicants successfully completes the PLAB test it may be possible to apply to stay in the UK as a postgraduate doctor or trainee general practitioner to take a clinical attachment or as doctor in a working visa type.

Requirements for the PLAB Visa

To qualify for entry clearance of Plab Visa an applicant must:

  • Be a graduate from a medical school who intends to take the PLAB Test in the UK
  • Meet the requirements of  immigration rules for entry as a visitor of Plab Visa
  • Provide documentary evidence of a confirmed test date or of their eligibility to take the PLAB Test
  • Does not intend to take up employment in the United Kingdom;
  • Does not intend to study at a maintained school
  • Will maintain and accommodate himself and any dependants adequately out of resources available to him without recourse to public funds or taking employment;

A candidate who applies for leave to enter in the United Kingdom to sit the PLAB test should produce evidence from the GMC, examples include

  • A GMC letter;
  • Test admission card

Duration of PLAB Visa

The PLAB visa will usually be granted for up to six months. However the Applicants can get extensions of up to six months at a time. Upon completion of PLAB test successfully, the applicants may also apply for unpaid clinical attachments for a maximum of 18 months in total.

Please note those Doctors applying to take any other test or examination, such as those required to enter one of the Royal Colleges, will also be treated as General Visitors and therefore they should not be granted more than six months of leave as a General Visitor and they will be subject to the normal restrictions on General Visitors switching into other categories of leave. In addition to Plab Visa requirements mentioned above, online application for this visa and submission of the supporting documents with biometric data in a visa application centre is required. Cover Letter for Plab 2 Visa or Plab Visa extension should be prepared professionally to (ECO) Entry Clearance Officer’s satisfaction. Our team of UK immigration lawyers and solicitors can fully assist you in  understanding Plab Visa requirements and provide Plab Visa guidance.

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