Preposition: We prepared “NU’s” family UK visit visa application. However, the ECO refused to grant entry clearance on the pretext that NU did not have sufficiently strong economic ties to Pakistan and that Paragraph 41 (i) (ii) {now 4.2 a,b,c} of the UK Immigration Rules is not met.

The application was refused because the ECO, on balance of probabilities, concluded that “NU”;

  • does not receive the income as stated,
  • has not accurately presented his circumstances in Pakistan and this casts doubt on his intentions in wishing to enter the UK,
  • does not have sufficiently strong economic ties to Pakistan,
  • not genuinely seeking entry as a general visitor,
  • does not intend to leave the UK at the end of the period of visit.

Advice: We advised the client to challenge the refusal because we were of the view that the ECO had wrongly refused his application. The objections taken by the ECO were not logical and in line with the UK Immigration Rules. Our lawyers in UK prepared the grounds of challenge and served pre-action correspondence onto the Home Office. It was averred in the challenge that the ECO had unnecessarily placed weight on the issues which gravely undermined “NU’s” credibility & intentions, the ECO should have appreciated the true account presented and lastly “NU” was able to discharge burden and therefore qualified, on balance of probabilities, for visa under the uk Immigration Rules.

Outcome: The ECM withdrew the Refusal decision and granted 6 months UK visit visa to “NU”.

Have you been refused a visa to UK?

Do you have a weak financial situation but still intend to visit UK?