US E2 Investor Visa – the US Immigration

US E2 Investor Visa – the US Immigration

The US E2 Investor Visa is a viable option for entrepreneurs, potential investors or anyone who wants the US immigration from Pakistan. You can live and work for your business in the US with an E2 Treaty Investor visa. Your family can also live with you in the US under E2 Treaty Investor Visa.

What Is E2 Investor Visa Route?

The E2 Investor Visa Route is for potential investors and businessmen who wish to work and live in the US. A person may qualify for an US E2 Investor Visa after making a substantial investment by either starting their own business or investing in a US company. E2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for US but it can be renewed as long as the invested business is running and meeting the requirements.

Who Is Eligible For US E2 Visa?

 Certain countries that have an E2 Treaty with the US will qualify for this US Visa route. People from these countries will be eligible to live and work in the US under US E2 Visa. Pakistan is one of the countries from where you can make US E2 Visa Application.

To qualify for the US E2 Visa, there is no set amount of investment and as low as $50,000 or even lower investments have qualified for the US Visa under this route. Applicants of E2 Visa are not required to maintain a foreign residence to qualify for the visa, unlike many other non-immigrant visas.  

How Long Is The E2 Visa US Valid For?

The renewal of US Investor E2 visa is unlimited and it can be renewed number of times. The US Visa under E2 investment route can be renewed as long as the business is operating and meeting the concerned US immigration rules and requirements. Therefore, E2 Visa holders can renew their visa limitlessly, allowed to work and live in the US. Some of US Visa holders under the E2 Investor route have lived in the US for over 10 years. 

Advantages of US Investor E2 Visa

You can start a business in the US with US Investor E2 Visa and work for the same business.

Dependents Of US E2 Visa

Your family; spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 years can qualify to live with you on US E2 Visa. Your spouse can also work in the US after getting authorization for work and your children can study in the US.

What Are The E2 Visa US Requirements?

E2 Visa US requirements are as follow;

  • The investment must be solely made into the business you are opening or investing in,
  • Substantial investment must be made,
  • You must show that your investment for US Visa – E2 Investor have lawful sources,
  • If your E2 Visa US status ends then you must intend to leave the US,
  • You must be the citizen of a country that has an E2 treaty with the US.


You must have the nationality of the country that have E2 Treaty with the US in order to qualify for the US Visa under this route. Pakistan has E2 treaty with the US.

There are two main ways for getting US E2 Investor Visa:

  1. The applicant’s foreign business making an investment into a US based business, and
  2. As an individual, you can make an investment in a US business.

What Is The E2 Visa Processing Time?

The main stages of the E2 Visa processing time will be determined upon 3 things;

  • Legal preparation of documents,
  • Organizing or gathering the required documents,
  • Consular processing.

In this regard, UK Visa Consultants have necessary expertise and their US Immigration Lawyers in Lahore can advise you on the correct and essential documentation, while reviewing your case carefully with thorough background analysis and complete guidance.

Complete Guidance On Documentation Required For The US Visa From Pakistan Under E2 Investor Category

Your case will be reviewed once our services are availed and our US Immigration lawyers and US Visa consultants in Lahore will provide complete guidance on the E2 US Visa application and the required documentation under E2 Investor category. Our US Immigration Consultants in Lahore will guide you from start to end by asking you to provide the list if documentation that must be attached to you E2 Visa application in your specific circumstances.

US Visa Application Preparation

Once you gather all the relevant documents as guided by our US Immigration Attorney in Lahore then it will take about 2 to 4 weeks to prepare your US Visa Application and then your completed E2 petition will be filed. The following process will be followed;

  • Your US Visa Application under the E2 Investor route will be sent to the relevant authorities in Pakistan known as ‘consular processing.’ This may take up about two-three months or even more as it vary from a country to country.

Validity Of The Us Visa Under The US E2 Scheme

The duration of the US Visa on the E2 route depends on the place you are applying from. In case of applying US Visa from Pakistan it would likely be valid for 2 years initially.

  • Generally, US Visa validity period ranges from 1-5 years,
  • There is no limit on the number of time you renew E2 Visa, as long as your business meets the E2 Visa requirements,
  • E2 Visa grants you 2 years of US Stay status every time you enter the US,
  • With a valid E2 visa, you can exit and re-enter the US to get an additional 2 years of status.

US Family Immigration On E2 Visa And Immigration Benefits

A principal E2 applicant is allowed to bring spouse and unmarried children age 21 years or below to the US. If you are E2 applicant then US Family Immigration is possible and your spouse and children can get US Immigration Benefits as well. 

  • Your accompanied family members; spouse and children will also have Dependent of E2 Visa status,
  • As an E2 Visa principal applicant, your spouse may apply for a work permit and allowed to work in US,
  • Moreover, your children will not be allowed to work but they can study in US and attend schools.
  • Is It Possible To Get An E2 Visa As An Employee Of The E2 Business?

A non-citizen may get an E2 visa through employment with an E2 business enterprise.

There are generally 3 classes of employees that can get an E2 visa:

  1. Executive Employees
  2. Supervisory Employees
  3. Employees with Special Skills that are Essential to the E2 Enterprise

Can I apply for a US Green Card while on E2 status?

Yes, an applicant may apply for green card but need to meet the requirements. E2 Visa does not directly lead to Green Card as it is a non-immigrant visa category. However you may become eligible after switching into another category.

How Our Us Immigration Consultants In Lahore Can Help You With E2 Investor Visa For Us Immigration?

Our team of expert US Immigration Lawyers and consultants has qualifications and possess expertise in dealing with E2 Treaty Investor Scheme applications for US Immigration. We have affiliated law firms and US Immigration Consultants in the US to deal with more complex matters. Should you require, we can arrange legal representation in the States.

Our US Immigration Lawyer in Lahore shall provide you with best possible advice / consultation and accordingly shall prepare your E2 US visa application and other immigration matters. After consultation, if you want us prepare your case, you can expect the followings from us;

  • The information of our clients is highly confidential and we maintain that confidentiality.
  • Our team of US Immigration Lawyer & Barrister shall discuss your E2 Treaty Investor Scheme for US Immigration matter in length and advise you on the required documents and other requirements for US Visa Application.
  • Our team of expert US Visa Consultants in Lahore shall examine your documents very carefully and advise you if further documentation could strengthen your case,
  • Accordingly, our team of US Immigration Lawyer in Pakistan will complete relevant visa application form/s on for US Immigration and make detailed representations (a detailed covering letter). This will enhance your chances of success tremendously.
  • Our team of US Immigration Attorney is well equipped to advise you on the implications of the decision on your application and accordingly challenge or appeal that decision confidently.
  • It will be our aim to keep you posted at all material times during pendency of your US Visa Application and on E2 Treaty Investor Scheme visa application status for US Immigration.
  • Our fee is competitive and we only charge for the work that is being carried out,
  • We shall give you an estimate of the fee involved from the beginning and you will never be surprised with hidden charges.

It is advisable that one should seek US visa consultancy from an expert to avoid unnecessary refusals and wastage of visa fees. UK Visa Consultants have the right expertise to advise and prepare your US visa applications. We have been advising our clients for over 15 years.