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UK Spouse Visa Challenges – Settlement Visa UK

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UK Spouse Visa Challenges – Settlement Visa UK

UK spouse visa or settlement visa UK is a type of visa category for Non-European Union individuals who want to join their settled or British partner (spouse or fiancé) in the UK. UK spouse visa is a settlement visa that allows an individual to reside and work in the UK. An extension of a spouse visa in the UK could be made after the completion of 33 months of residency in the UK depending on the fact that the settled partner continues to meet the income threshold of £18600 per annum. Having completed the tenure of initial 5 years, a spouse is eligible to make an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain or extension of a spouse visa in the UK to the Home Office. Usually, individuals prefer to make UK spouse visa applications on their own and end up having a refusal as they fail to completely comprehend the UK immigration requirements. It is recommended to seek advice from an expert UK immigration lawyer in order to make a strong UK spouse visa application and minimize the chances of spouse visa refusal.

UK Visa Consultants have the most experienced and credible team of UK immigration lawyers and barristers with thorough knowledge of UK Immigration Laws and Home Office spouse visa policies. We are fully aware of the UK spouse visa challenges the applicant and their British sponsor have to face. Such UK spouse visa appeal could be dealt with tactically if an expert UK immigration lawyer’s advice is taken into consideration. UK Visa Consultants is one of the best UK immigration lawyers in Lahore that could make you understand and assist in coping with UK spouse visa appeal.

UK Spouse Visa Processing Time

UK spouse visa processing time from Pakistan is approximately 16 weeks from the date of submission of the application. Those spouse visa UK applicants from Pakistan who wish to avoid a long wait of 4 months of standard UK visa processing time can take advantage of UK spouse visa premium service and can have their spouse visa application processed in 4 weeks from Pakistan. For more information, you can get in touch with our best UK Immigration Consultants in Lahore.

Spouse Visa UK Fee

The latest UK spouse visa fee for Pakistan is £1523 (correct as of 01 October 2018). In addition, the applicant has to pay £600 as a UK NHS health surcharge. In case of refusal of spouse visa application UK; the fee of £1523 shall not be refunded however NHS health surcharge shall be automatically refunded.

There are certain requirements laid by the UK Home Office that an individual has to meet in order to obtain a UK spouse visa from Pakistan, which is as follows:

Financial requirements include a minimum per annum income of £ 18,600 in order to sponsor a spouse for a UK settlement visa. If a child is to be sponsored the minimum earning requirement will be £22,400 with £2,400 for every additional child. For the settled or British spouse who is suffering from a disability, an income threshold of £18600 may be exempted. For expert advice, those wishing to make a spouse visa application from Pakistan must hire the best UK Visa Consultants in Pakistan to avoid any disappointment.

Relationship requirements include evidence of the applicant and sponsor to be 18 years of age, and in a subsisting & genuine relationship. Proof of the applicant and sponsor intending to live together permanently is also needed.

UK spouse visa English requirements include evidence of the applicant’s English proficiency. The applicants who have passed an approved UKVI A1 English level stand eligible for a UK spouse visa from Pakistan. However, if the applicant is 65 years of age or above, has any mental or physical disability, or has any other exceptional circumstances then they are exempted from the English proficiency requirement.

Though trying to follow the above mention requirements, applicants lack understanding of which UK spouse visa supporting documents to attach as evidence and what information to provide in the UK visa application. Thus resulting in UK visa refusal. The real challenge is to know what information to provide and which type of documents to avoid while complying with the UK immigration requirements.

In the case of the applicant or British citizen divorced previously, documents for a UK spouse visa would be different. UK spouse visa application would be prepared from a different perspective if the applicant or other British National partner has been divorced from a previous marriage. For this particular reason, it is imperative to engage the services of an experienced UK immigration lawyer in Pakistan who could provide effective guidance by understanding any possible complications. UK Visa Consultants discuss your spouse visa application for the UK at length and provide tailored solutions complying with the UK Immigration Laws and Home Offices Policies with respect to settlement spouse visa application. Our diligence, tactfulness, and experience have earned customer satisfaction and a competitive edge in the market.

UK Visa Consultants have a successful UK spouse visa application handling history. We have the right knowledge to provide authentic guidance to clients on the UK spouse visa appeal process. Our credible team of UK immigration lawyers and Barristers work towards the clients’ best interests while being ethical in their approach. UK Visa Consultants provide extraordinary service to clients on UK spouse visa application and also on UK spouse visa supporting documents.

UK Immigration Lawyers and Barristers at UK Visa Consultants assess each spouse visa application UK meticulously, taking into account the applicant’s financial, personal, and familial circumstances. We evaluate the probability of success before advising the clients on further documentation.

Challenging UK Spouse Visa Refusal

UK Spouse visa Refusal attracts a right of appeal to First-tier Tribunal UK. The appeal hearing against spouse visa UK is held in the UK. The applicant can file an appeal against refusal of UK spouse visa application from Pakistan however the partner in the UK must attend the hearing. It is always recommended to instruct a solicitor in the UK to appeal against the refusal. We at UK visa consultants can conveniently arrange a solicitor and or UK Barrister to represent our client’s spouse visa refusal appeal without any hassle.

UK lawyers and barristers at UK Visa Consultants are aware of all the technicalities and legalities of UK Immigration Laws and are fully equipped to draft grounds of appeal for UK spouse visa refusal.

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