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Sweden Spouse Visa And Residence Permit

Sweden Spouse Visa And Residence Permit

Anyone migrating to Sweden from Pakistan as a spouse, dependent child or close relative of someone who is living in Sweden is required to apply for residence permit in order to live and work there. The residence permit is to be applied before your spouse or dependents can immigrate to Sweden.

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Spouse Visa for Sweden

A residence permit will be granted to spouse (wife or husband) if they are married to someone who is either permanent resident or Swedish citizen living in the Sweden. The applicant who is married his or her spouse in Sweden needs to register the marriage with the Swedish Tax Agency. Maintenance support evidence will be also required from the spouse living in Sweden.   

Requirements for Swedish Spouse Visa Application

  1. Maintenance Requirement for Spouse / Partner

A person living in Sweden must be able to support their spouse / partner and oneself. They must also have a place where their spouse / partner can live together after moving to Sweden. The accommodation must be suitable in terms of standard and size.

  1. Maintenance Requirement for Child / Dependent Family Members

A person who is living in Sweden must be able to support himself and dependent family member who wish to apply for residence permits. The Sponsor must also need to have a suitable accommodation of standard and sufficient in size for himself and dependent family members. 

Swedish Spouse Visa Eligibility

  • Eligibility for a Sponsor
The Swedish National or permanent resident can sponsor their spouse / partner, children under the age of 18 and close relative under the following conditions;
  • Be able to support the dependent family members including the spouse,
  • Suitable accommodation, in standard and sufficient size, available for all the applicants,
  • The Sponsor and the spouse / partner are at least 18 years old or above
  • Maintenance Requirements
As a person living in Sweden, the sponsor is required to show that they receive work-related income regularly, enabling to support applicant/s applying for residence permit. The following are the examples of what is counted as work related income;
  • Pay for work
  • Sickness benefit
  • Unemployment benefit
  • Earning-related retirement pension
The financial support can also be fulfilled if the sponsor has a sufficient net wealth so that the applicant and other dependent family members, who are applying for the residence permit, can comfortably live in Sweden.
  • Sponsor’s Income Requirement
To meet the maintenance requirement, how high the sponsor’s income must be depends on the number of family members who are going to live with the sponsor in Sweden. Additionally, the housing costs will also be added for Swedish residence permit application. As a person living in Sweden, the sponsor’s income must correspond to what is called as a standard amount, after deducting the housing costs. This means that after paying the housing costs each month, the sponsor has sufficient money in hand to cover other basic needs such as; insurance, household electricity, telephone, hygiene, clothing, food and other temporary needs. The Standard Amount for the year 2020 is;
  • SEK 5002 for a single adult
  • SEK 8,264 for spouses or partners living together
  • SEK 2,654 for children aged 6 years or younger
  • SEK 3,055 for children aged 7 years or older.
  • Housing Requirement
The house must be sufficient in size and standard to live in by the family members. For a couple without children, a home with one room and kitchen is big enough. If one or two children are going to live in the home then there must be more rooms. Our Sweden visa consultants in Lahore can advise you about housing requirements in cases where the sponsor has a sub-let home, has live-in arrangement, or living with their parent.

Documents Required for Sweden Spouse Visa

  • Copies of the pages in your passport that show your personal details, period of validity, country of issue, signature, and whether you have permission to live in countries other than your country of origin.
  • If applicant’s passport is about to expire, the he or she must renew it as they cannot obtain a permit for longer than the validity of their passport.

If you are married and living in Sweden or your spouse lives in Sweden with whom you wish to live there then you need to attach documents for Sweden Spouse visa application according to your circumstances. Our Swedish spouse visa consultants in Lahore can advise you accordingly.

Children and Parents Swedish Residence Permit (close relatives)

A residence permit will be granted to relatives in special cases where the Swedish national or permanent resident wants the relative to move to Sweden. The condition to meet is that the relative has lived with sponsor in their home country (i.e. Pakistan).

It must be proved that the applicant was living with your relative immediately before moving to Sweden and you both were emotionally and socially dependant on one another.

The application should be submitted as quickly as possible after the sponsor moved to Sweden and was granted a permanent residence permit. Generally, it is not possible to receive a residence permit if the application is made long after moving to the Sweden, or if the dependency was established after the sponsor moved to Sweden.

Refusals Challenge / Appeals

If a Sweden Spouse visa application is rejected, then it can be challenged and appeal against the decision can be lodged. The appeal against the decision can be lodged within 3 weeks of the receiving of refusal or rejection of visa application. Our expert Sweden Visa lawyer in Pakistan can guide you regarding the process and lodge an appeal against the decision on your behalf with Swedish Migration Agency.

UK Visa Consultants

How UK Visa Consultants® can help you with your Sweden Spouse visa Residence Permit application

Our team of expert Sweden Visa Consultant in Lahore has full experience & qualifications and they have the expertise in dealing with Swedish Spouse Visa Residence Permit application for Immigration to Sweden.


Sweden Visa Consultants in Pakistan shall provide you with best possible advice / consultation and accordingly prepare your Swedish Spouse Visa Residence Permit application from Pakistan. After consultation, if you want us to start preparing your Sweden immigration application you can expect the followings from UK Visa Consultants® :


  • We keep information of our clients confidential and safe,
  • Our Swedish Immigration Lawyers & Barristers shall discuss your Swedish Spouse Visa Residence Permit application and Immigration to Sweden matter in length and advise you on the required documents and other requirements of Sweden Visa,
  • Our team of Swedish Immigration expert in Pakistan shall inspect your documents very carefully and advise you if further documentation could strengthen your case,
  • Accordingly, our best Sweden Spouse Visa Lawyer & Barristers will complete your Sweden visa application form for immigration to Sweden and make detailed representations (a detailed covering letter). This will enhance your chances of success tremendously,
  • Our Swedish Visa Consultant in Lahore are equipped to advise you on the implications of the decision on your application and accordingly challenge or appeal Sweden Spouse Visa refusal decision confidently,
  • It will be our aim to keep you posted at all material times during pendency of your Swedish Spouse Visa Residence Permit application’s status for Immigration to Sweden,
  • Our fees are competitive and we only charge for the work that is being carried out,
  • We shall give you estimate of the fees involved after initial consultation for Swedish Spouse Residence Permit and we shall never surprise you with hidden charges.


It is advisable that one should seek visa consultancy from the best Sweden Visa Consultants in Pakistan to avoid unnecessary refusals and wastage of visa fees. UK Visa Consultants® have the right expertise to advise and prepare your Swedish Spouse Visa Residence Permit application from Pakistan.


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