Remote Audio and Video Consultations – Visa and Immigration Applications Covid-19 Update

Remote Audio and Video Consultations - Visa and Immigration Applications Covid-19 Update

The world at large is facing another wave of lockdown due to Covid-19. Major cities of Pakistan will also face the lockdown from 20 November 2020 for, may be, 2 months.

According to UNICEF and EURONEWS “we must learn to live with Corona Virus”. Most of us are adapting to a new life style to overcome and conquer the fear this novel pandemic has created on our minds. Not shaking hands, ordering grocery online, avoiding large gatherings, spending more time on smart phone and gadgets etc is a new way of life. As they say “the show must go on”, people are finding and learning new ways to carry on with their life and business.

People have learnt to work from home. In the same way most governments around the globe are currently processing Visa and Immigration applications. Therefore, when lockdowns are in place at many places and life is at halt, it is best time to apply for lengthy immigration process applications and then wait and sit whilst application is in process.    

We at UK Visa Consultants do realise that your plans are important to you and you would not want this pandemic to disturb your travel plans or visas / immigration applications. Many countries are continuing to offer visa and immigration services, may be with little lag, and thus “the show is going on”.

Our Immigration and Visa lawyers are fully equipped with modern communication technology and are able to offer you online paid visa consultation and work on your Visa and Immigration application remotely. We can give you online consultation through following means and get you going with your Visa Applications from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are, as long as you have your phone, tablet or PC with you.

Please call us and book your paid online consultation. Our Lawyers will listen to you and offer you a tailor made solution.