L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager

L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager

People who want to work and live in the US can opt for L1 US visa category. L1, L1A and L1B all permit foreign business companies to transfer their employees to the US affiliate, subsidiary, parent company or branch under different job roles.

L1 US Visa is a non-immigrant US visa, where foreign business may transfer a person within the capacity of an executive or manager to the US. The category is classified as L-1A visa, permitting employees to work for the affiliated company or parent branch as a manager or executive.  The connected business in the US needs not to be from similar industry as the overseas branch or parent company. 

General Requirements for US L-1A Visa

The following guidelines must be followed or fulfilled in order to get US L-1A Visa;

  • The US company and the foreign company must be having a qualifying relation
  • The employee’s work must be in an executive or managerial capacity for the US company,
  • Before filing the petition, it must be made sure that the employee coming to work in the US have continuously worked full-time at least for a year within the last 3 years for the foreign company,
  • The employment with the foreign company must have been in a managerial and executive capacity.

Qualifying Relationship For L1A US Visa?

Foreign companies can transfer certain workers to a US company under the L-1A category. There must be a qualifying relation between the US and the foreign company in order to be granted L1A US visa. In order to qualify there are three kinds of relationships such as affiliate, branch office and parent/subsidiary.


Affiliate relationship can be categorized into three types;

  • A number of multinational accounting firms
  • Same group of individuals controlling and owning 2 companies, whereas each individual needs to own and control approximately equal proportion of each company
  • Same person or parent company owning and controlling two companies

Branch Office

A branch office may be operating at a different location but it is of the same company as the parent company. The branch office must be registered as a foreign corporation operating in the US in order to qualify for L-1A US Visa.


There are 3 types of relationships that are eligible as a parent/subsidiary relationship:

  • One of the companies owns more than half of the other company
  • One of the companies is a 50% partner of the other company, which is a joint venture. In this situation, the parent company must have equivalent control and veto power over the subordinate company.
  • One of the companies owns less than half of the other company but has control over the company.

Duration Of The Qualifying Relationship

It is required that throughout the duration of the L-1A US Visa beneficiary in the US, a qualifying relation must be maintained by the foreign company and the US company. For a new business, the person coming to work in the US for work must have been working full-time by the foreign company and must have been employed by them within the last three years, at least for the period of 1 year. 

The entire year of qualifying employment should be satisfied by the time L-1A US Visa application is filed. Moreover, if the L-1A beneficiary worked for multiple affiliated companies then there is exception to the full-time employment requirement. The potential applicant must have worked for the foreign company in a managerial and executive capacity in order to qualify for the L-1A US Visa.

New Business Branch Under L1A US Scheme

The employer who wishes to send his employee to establish a new office in the US as a manager or executive must fulfill certain requirements before initiating the process of US Visa application under this scheme;

  • Securing sufficient premise for the new business branch or office in the US,
  • After the approval of petition, within one year the position of the manager or executive must be supported by the office in the US,
  • You (applicant) must have been employed as a manager or an executive for at least a year within the last three years period

Duration And Validity Of The L-1A US Visa

The L-1A visa for managers and executives is principally valid for a duration of 3 years and it its extension can be done for a total of 7 years.

Period Of Stay Of US Visa – L1A

Primarily, the qualified individuals immigrating to the US for establishing a new branch or business under L1A US scheme will be indorsed for a one year US stay. 

Employees who succeed to enter the United States to establish a new office will be permitted a maximum initial stay of one year. All other skillful employees will be granted a maximum initial stay of three years. For all L1A employees, demands for extension of stay may be established in augmentations of up to an additional two years, until the employee has gained the maximum limit of seven years.

L1 Dependent Visa For US Family Immigration

The transferring employee may be accompany or follow his or her spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age.  Such family members may pursue admission in L-2 nonimmigrant classification and, if permitted, generally will be granted the same period of stay as the employee. 

Spouse of L-1A workers may apply for work authorization by filing a form. If case is approved, there is no specific limitation as to where the L-2 spouse may work.

Why Do I Have To File A Petition Before Applying For US Immigration Visa?

A person applying for a US immigrant visa must file a petition before and it needs to be approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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