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Irish Immigration Investor Programme (Iip) - Immigration To Ireland

Irish Immigration Investor Programme (Iip) - Immigration To Ireland

The Immigration system of Ireland is not points based, which is why it is more accessible in facilitating migrants with business expertise and skills based visas needed by an Irish economy. One of the recent additions in categories for Immigration to Ireland is the Immigration Investor Programme (IIP). Irish Investor Visa may lead to permanent residence in Ireland.

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Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

A non-EEA national who wish to make an approved investment of €1 million in Ireland can apply under Irish Investor Visa program. This minimum of €1 million investment required from the applicant must not be financed through a loan or any such facility. The investment of €1 million must be from your own resources and must be ready to invest for at least 3 years.

Accordingly, Irish Investor Visa Application is then reviewed by the Evaluation committee of Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP).

From June 2020, the Immigrant Investor Programme windows for applications do not apply therefore Irish Immigrant Investor Program applications can be made at any time of the year.

Requirements for Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

The Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) applications offer 4 investment options for potential investors which are as follow;

  • Investment Fund: for a period of 3 years a minimum fund of €1 million is invested in a regulated and approved Central Bank.
  • Enterprise Investment: For a period of 3 years fund of €1 million must be invested in an Irish Enterprise.
  • Endowment: A philanthropic donation to a project of minimum €500,000 for public benefit related to education, culture, health, sports and arts in Ireland.
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT): For a minimum of 3 years, investment of €2 million or above made in any Irish REIT that is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange

IIP application process

The Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) comprise four steps-

  • Make your IIP application, while basing it on one of the above mentioned investment options, without committing any funding for the investment
  • Evaluation Committee approving your application
  • In accordance with your approved application, make the investment
  • The evidence that you have made the investment must be provided


The IIP Application fee is €1,500 (November 2020) and it is non-refundable in case of incomplete or unsuccessful applications. The IIP Application along with all the supporting documents must be submitted. After the submission of application along with all the required supporting documents, it will be processed by the Evaluation Committee in order to consider the proposal. Further enquiries may be raised then by the committee.


Once the investment proposals are approved by the Evaluation committee and applicants and their accompanied family members are successful then they will be asked to proceed with the investment. Accordingly investment must be made within 90 days from the date you are asked to proceed with the investment.

Residency in Ireland after Approval

After submitting all the supporting documents along with all the investment documentation, the applicant will be granted the permission to reside in the country. Applicant and the dependent family members will be allowed to work, study and live in the Republic of Ireland. Under the IIP scheme, investors who benefits from it may have substantial business and financial interests outside of Ireland and they cannot permanently reside in the country. Therefore, your physical presence in Ireland will not be a condition for the approval of your residency renewal. This condition is applicable to both the applicants and their accompanying family members but the applicants and their family members must visit Ireland at least once in a year.   

Residence Validity

Applicants and their family members will initially be allowed for 2 years to stay in Ireland and then may be granted another 3 years after approval of renewal which will be subject to certain conditions.

The conditions are as follow;

  • A – Your designated investment is still in place, or your philanthropic donation has been utilised by the registered charity.
  • B – You have not become a financial burden on the Irish State.
  • C – You have not been investigated, indicted or convicted in relation to any criminal offence in any jurisdiction.

After fulfilling these conditions your permission for residence renewal would likely be granted.

Eligible Family Members

The principal applicant may sponsor their spouse/partner, children under the age of 18 years of age. Children older than 18 years till 24 shall be considered for residency under IIP scheme under the following circumstances;

  • They are financially dependent upon their parents (e.g. they are in full time education)
  • They are unmarried and do not have a life partner
UK Visa Consultants

How UK Visa Consultants® can help you with your visa application under Irish Immigrant Investor Program for Immigration to Ireland

Our team of expert Ireland Immigration Lawyer in Pakistan has full experience & qualifications and they have the expertise in dealing with Irish Immigrant Investor Program for Immigration to Ireland.


Irish Visa Consultants in Lahore shall provide you with best possible advice / consultation and accordingly prepare your Ireland Startup visa application from Pakistan. After consultation, if you want us to start preparing your Ireland immigration application as a Irish Immigrant Investor Program visa, you can expect the followings from UK Visa Consultants® :


  • We keep information of our clients confidential and safe,
  • Our Irish Immigration Lawyers & Barristers shall discuss your Irish Immigrant Investor Program application and Immigration to Ireland matter in length and advise you on the required documents and other requirements of Ireland Visa,
  • Our team of Irish Immigration expert in Pakistan shall inspect your documents very carefully and advise you if further documentation could strengthen your case,
  • Accordingly, our best Irish Visa Lawyer & Barristers will complete your Irish visa application form for immigration to Ireland and make detailed representations (a detailed covering letter). This will enhance your chances of success tremendously,
  • Our Ireland Visa Consultant in Lahore are equipped to advise you on the implications of the decision on your application and accordingly challenge or appeal that decision confidently,
  • It will be our aim to keep you posted at all material times during pendency of your Irish Immigrant Investor Program visa application’s status for Immigration to Ireland,
  • Our fees are competitive and we only charge for the work that is being carried out,
  • We shall give you estimate of the fees involved after initial consultation for Immigrant Investor Program Ireland and we shall never surprise you with hidden charges.


It is advisable that one should seek visa consultancy from the best Irish Visa Consultants in Pakistan to avoid unnecessary refusals and wastage of visa fees. UK Visa Consultants® have the right expertise to advise and prepare your Ireland Immigrant Investor Visa Application from Pakistan.


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