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Immigration to Denmark – Start-up Denmark

Immigration to Denmark - Start-up Denmark

Denmark is a one of the most popular destination for people to visit in Schengen region. It is also one of the largest Scandinavian countries in Europe. Denmark provides a number of opportunities for immigration but there are certain requirements, like any other country, that needs to be fulfilled so that your visa application is successful.

Start-up Denmark is one of the main categories for Immigration to Denmark to setup your business in Denmark. If you wish to work and reside in Denmark with your family then you must explore the Start-up Denmark Visa category for Immigration to Denmark.

Start-up Denmark

Start-up Denmark business category is for a person wishing to start their own business in Denmark with an innovative business idea. The business must be able to create new jobs in Denmark and contributing to the Danish economic growth.   

Danish Start-up Business Category

Start-up Denmark is a scheme for foreign entrepreneurs to run their business in Denmark based on an innovative idea. For running your business in Denmark, a Danish residence permit will also be granted to you, where you may be allowed to bring your spouse and dependent children as well.

A panel of experts appointed by the Danish Business Authority will approve your business plan or idea. If your idea is approved then Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) will process your application for a residence and work permit based on the scheme. The Start-up Denmark scheme is available to both individuals and teams of up to 3 members who wish to start a business together through a joint business plan in Denmark.      

Requirements for Start-up Denmark

For running your own business in Denmark based on the Start-up Denmark Scheme, a residence permit will be granted but you must meet the certain conditions in order to be eligible.

  • Your business idea must get approved by the expert panel of Danish Business Authority,
  • Your business must be able to potentially contribute to the Danish Business Community evolve innovative ideas,
  • Once the business plan is approved then you may be eligible to apply for a residence and work permit based on the Start-up Denmark scheme,
  • The business must be favourable and in-line with interests of the Danish business community, contributing to the potential growth of the economy. Ordinarily, a business without any potential of innovation would not qualify to be granted a permit such as; export, import business, small trade, retail stores, restaurants etc,
  • Applicants must be able to support themselves by having sufficient funds to cover first year in Denmark. In case of accompanying dependents i.e. spouse and / or children, additional funds required,
  • It is required that an applicant must be playing an active role in running the business, and their presence must be essential for the establishment of the business.

Maintenance Requirement for Start Up Visa Demmark

You must provide documentation that you have:

  • 137076 DKK if you are in Denmark without any family (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 3,476,170.17),
  • 274152 DKK if your spouse is accompanying you to Denmark (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 6,952,340.33),
  • 319236 DKK if your spouse and one or more children are accompanying you to Denmark (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 8,095,645.18),
  • 182160 DKK if one or more children, but not your spouse, are accompanying you to Denmark (as of 09 November 2020 roughly PKR 4,619,475.02).


If your Start-up business plan gets approved then you will be granted with the work and residence permits.

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You may only work in your established business as permitted under the work permit. If you are offered a new job or wishing to take a sideline job, or else you start a new business then you need to apply for a new work permit.

A residence permit granted under the Start-up Denmark Scheme will be valid from the date it is issued. The duration of your work and residence permit will be for a period of 2 years, which is possibly extendable for up to 3 years at a time.

With the grant of resident permit, you will be allowed to stay in Denmark for the period of time your permit is valid. Additionally, you must not stay out of Denmark for longer than 6 successive months; otherwise your permit will be lapsed, losing your right to stay in Denmark.

A residence and work permit based on the Start-up Denmark Scheme allows your family to come with you to Denmark. A permit can be granted to your spouse / partner as well as children under the age of 18 living at home. In extraordinary cases, it is possible for your child over the age of 18, who is living with you, or for your parents, to be granted a residence permit.

Our expert Immigration Lawyers and consultants have expertise in advising on Start-up Denmark Scheme applications for Immigration to Denmark.

Our Immigration Lawyers and consultants shall provide you with best possible advice / consultation and accordingly shall prepare your Start-up Denmark visa application

It is our SOP (standard Operating Procedure) to offer paid visa initial consultations who wish to apply for Danish Visas & Immigration. This enables us to gauge prospects of your application for Immigration for Denmark and accordingly decide if we can assist you. If we, after the consultation, believe that we can prepare your application for Denmark Immigration or appeal against refusal of Danish Immigration, we then quote our fee. Our fees depend on the time we anticipate to prepare your Visa or Immigration Application therefore these vary for everyone. Rest assured we do not flabbergast our clients with any hidden charges. Clients can visit our offices or take initial consultation via WhatsApp, FacTime, Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and other platforms. We have been successfully advising our clients across the globe for the last 15 years.