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Role of Immigration Consultants in a business Immigration to the UK

A UK business visa is one in which the UK obliges you with a residency if you are able to establish a successful business in the country within a given period of time. The UK government offers few different options in this regard and immigration consultants can fast track your process in many ways.

From these options, the first is the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, the second is the Tier 1 Investor Visa, which has been put on hold lately by Home Office and the third option is Sole Representative of an overseas business. In this piece, our immigration consultants specifically focus on the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is particularly for non-EEA residents and is a point based system. With an effort of our consultants, it allows successful applicants to be eligible to enter UK with the intention of setting up a business.

The UK economy has been thriving for the past number of decades. It gives the potential applicants an ideal platform to benefit from the growing economy. If you are hoping to go about your UK settlement through this route, our consultants can offer top notch services. Please reach out to one of our immigration consultants in Lahore to get started with your application. We will be happy to help with the entire process of Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application from Pakistan. Our immigration consultants can also lay out some effective business strategies as a preparation for the next step after visa approval.

How Can Immigration Consultants Help Me in ‘My Case’?

Our immigration consultants have undertaken plenty of cases with a consistent reputation built on success. Our Immigration consultants in Lahore understand the application processes and can form a case that is unique to your specific situation.

Furthermore, the reason we stand out is that our immigration consultants in Pakistan understand our clients’ needs. This is the first and most crucial step towards the success of any visa application form. One generic methodology that may have worked for one individual to travel to the UK may or may not work for another individual. Therefore, our consultants work hard, from scratch, on each client’s case and prepare tailor made drafts.

You can call us or write to us directly and our competent immigration consultants in Lahore will walk you through the process efficiently.


Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Requirements explained by Our Immigration Consultants

As with any visa application, there are certain requirements for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa that must be fulfilled. These requirements are explicitly laid out by our immigration consultants in Lahore.

A basic requirement is that the applicant must be at least 18 years of age. Furthermore, the applicant must be able to fund his intended business in the UK. Our  consultants can thoroughly explain the two different paths in this regard­­­­­.

  • Funding up to £200,000

The first option explained by our immigration consultants is to obtain a visa on the basis of £200,000 of disposable funds in possession.

Moreover, this also takes into account any amount that is owned by a third party and any amount that the individual has previously invested in the UK. Our immigration consultants can further explain this process in detail.

  • Funding up to £50,000

The second option is to invest under £50,000, but this route has its limitations.The source of these funds should be either through a UK venture capital firm, British seed funding competition or a government department of the UK. Our team of highly competent immigration consultants in Lahore can explain how to go about such an investment.

It is important that a correct route is chosen, and your process is carried out in accordance with Immigration Rules and Immigration laws in order to ensure approval. Our highly experienced immigration consultants are happy to be at your service in this regard.

Moreover, the interview is a final benchmark upon which the approval of your application largely depends. Immigration consultants in Pakistan have been able to unearth the sequence of events with which this interview proceeds.


Can Immigration Consultants Help Me Go About the Interview?

The answer is yes! Our immigration consultants in Lahore are aware of in-depth details and the technicalities that the interview test is about. Implicitly, a ‘Genuine Entrepreneur Test’ is taken through an interview. Our immigration consultants have mastered the elements of this test.

The reason this is tested is that the UK government needs to ensure that an applicant is genuinely interested in business activity in the UK. Even if all other requirements have been fulfilled, a wrong interview can be the basis of a rejection. Our consultants responsibly ensure that this does not happen to our clients.

Although the process is quite challenging, our immigration consultants come into play here as well. We educate our clients, keeping in view their particular circumstances, as to how they should prepare for the interview e.g. Our consultants discuss the most logical questions and the most reasonable answers. This not only streamlines the process but also ensures the approval of their visa.

Furthermore, our  consultants cater for our clients’ needs and difficulties and work out a comfortable approach of going about the interview.

Our immigration consultants in Lahore are only one call away and you are encouraged to call us for first-rate services.

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