How to Apply For UK Visa from Pakistan | UK Visa Consultants

How to Apply For UK Visa from Pakistan | UKvisaconsultants

In order to apply for UK immigration and UK visa from Pakistan; the UK visa from Pakistan and immigration application is to prepared online. Once the UK visa online form is filled out and submitted online, the applicant has to book an appointment, once again online, and pay for the visa application. On the given date, the applicant then visits the VAF office and submits the UK visa paper application that has been printed online after the online submission, along with supporting documents. It is advisable that one must seek legal advice from an expert UK immigration lawyer should there be the slightest doubt about the UK immigration and visa process from Pakistan.

What Documents Are Required For UK Visa?

Applicants who keen on applying for UK immigration and UK visas from Pakistan wonder what sort of documents required for a UK visa from Pakistan and how much money should in their bank account? Furthermore, As a starting point in preparing your UK immigration visa application, the applicant requires a passport and two passport size photographs specific to UK immigration and visa photo guidelines. However other corroborative documents and evidence depend on the personal, familial, and financial circumstances of the applicant.

Therefore one cannot pinpoint what exact documents are required for UK visa application. For example, if the applicant is employed then, amongst others, pay slips, bank statements, and other related documents must attach to UK immigration and visa application from Pakistan. It really depends on what the applicant does for his livings and what resources are there to show in the UK visa application. A best UK immigration lawyer in Pakistan can help you determine what documents are included with your UK visa application after thoroughly understanding the applicant’s ties with Pakistan. It is highly recommended that do not settle for less than the best UK immigration lawyer in Pakistan to prepare your UK immigration or visa application.

How Much Does It Cost For A Visa For England?

The UK High Commission visa and immigration application processing fees have increased over the past few years. In addition, they charge equivalent to the British Pound, therefore currency rates and fluctuation affects the fee.

Furthermore: Making a Successful UK Visit Visa Application

Please note that fees can change at any time there. Therefore the applicants are advised to check prevalent fees before they applied for UK immigration or UK visa application. The following are the common visas Pakistanis apply for:

How Long Does It Take To Get UK Visa from Pakistan?

The UK visa from Pakistan process time for UK Immigration and visit visa varies during the year. Naturally, in peak season it takes longer due to the UK High Commission to process the UK visa applications.

The following data is for the month of April 2018, before the peak season started.

Visits Visas

Long Term Visit (more than 6 months)

Most applications are processed within 10 days.

General Visit (6 months or less)

Most applications are processed within 10 days.

Business Visit (6 months or less)

Most applications are processed within 10 days.

Family Visit (6 months or less)

Most applications are processed within 10 days.

Other Visit (6 months or less)

Most applications are processed within 10 days.

Points Based System Visas

PBS Tier 4

Most applications are processed within 15 days.

PBS Tier 5

Most applications are processed within 30 days.

Other Non-Settlement Visas

EEA Family Permits

Most applications are processed within 30 days.

Problems Faced By Pakistanis after Immigration to the UK

Can You Track Your UK Visa Application?

Unfortunately one cannot track UK visa applications. Once a paper visa application is submitted, one has to wait to hear back from either the UK High Commission and or VAF couriers to confirm the UK visa and immigration application has been processed and the passport has been returned for collection.

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