Employment-Based US Immigration EB3 Visa

Employment-Based US Immigration EB3 Visa

Many people want to permanently immigrate to the US through immigration routes. People from foreign countries are allowed to live and work in the United States for ten years at a time through green cards or US immigration visas routes.

EB3 Programme

One of the most common route people seek for US immigration is the EB3 program that leads to a US green card with relatively low requirements. The EB-3 Visa is a US Immigration program that allows unskilled workers who have less advanced qualifications to become Permanent US Residents. Additionally, EB-3 scheme has no requirements related to investment or prearranged financial proofs, education, language and age. On EB-3 route, your spouse and children under the age of 21 can also accompany you for US Immigration and becoming Permanent US Residents.

US EB3 Visa Categories

There are three types of workers that are covered in US EB3 Visa for US Immigration;

  • Low-skilled workers,
  • Professional workers, and
  • Skilled workers with experience.

Low-Skilled Workers

The low skilled workers who are applying under US EB3 route for US Immigration must have a confirmed US job offer. The EB-3 applicants should also be proving that they are capable for the offered position as US Low-skilled worker. The applicant must have two years of experience or training for the job offered and used in your US Visa application. Additionally, your employer must be required to show some proofs as to why you are being recruited from outside of the US for this job.

Professional Workers

Any applicant under the professional workers category of the US EB3 route needs to have a degree at the US equivalent level or US degree, along with the confirmed US job offer. Additionally, your employer must be required to show some proofs as why you are being recruited from outside of the US for this job and you are suitable for the position.


The skilled workers category under EB-3 United States needs applicants to have a confirmed US job offer and at least two years of experience or training in a skilled occupation.  Additionally, your employer must be required to show some evidence as to why you are being recruited from outside of the US for this job.

Eligibility Criteria For EB 3 US Immigrant Visa

You can immigrate to the US and would be eligible for US EB 3 immigrant visa if you are low-skilled / other worker, professional worker or skilled worker.

  • Under the EB-3 sub-category of ‘other workers / unskilled workers’, you are eligible if you perform unskilled labor that require less than two years of experience or training
  • Under ‘professional workers’ sub-category, you are required to have minimum of U.S baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent
  • The subcategory of ‘skilled workers’ is for those persons who have minimum of two years of experience or training and their job also requires the same.

Processing Time And Procedure For The US Green Card Under EB3 Visa

There are steps to be followed before applying for your US green card under the EB-3 US Visa category:

  • A petition for US EB-3 Visa must be filed for you by the employer and may take several months,
  • Your employer will have to show that he is recruiting you from outside of the US because no qualified worker was found to fill the job position offered to you,
  • A request for labor certificate must be sent by the employer to the Department of Labor (DoL) and if you get the approval then it confirms the process for your EB3 visa and your employer can go ahead and apply for your visa,
  • An exception for this requirement is when the job is among the types that do not need labor certification because that are in US short supply professions within the US that includes physical therapists, professional nurses, science and arts teachers with exceptional abilities,
  • A US Visa petition must be submitted to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and after its approval you have to wait for your US Visa issuance,
  • After getting your US Visa, you must be attending an interview at a U.S. consulate or local USCIS office, where your green card may be approved.

The above mentioned steps can be time consuming and lengthy but taking legal help and from a US Visa Consultants will not only save your time but also avail you guidance on the requirements for the preparation of US EB3 Visa application. 

US EB3 Dependent Family Immigration

The US EB3 dependent family may be accompanied or followed by his or her spouse and unmarried children who are under 21 years of age. Such US EB3 Dependent family members may seek admission in United States in E34 (spouse of a “skilled worker” or “professional”) or EW4 (spouse of an “other worker”) and, if approved, generally will be granted the same period of stay as the primary applicant. Spouse of EB3 workers may apply for work authorization. If approved, there is no specific restriction as to where the EB3 worker’s spouse may work.

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