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Making successful UK visit visa application

Making successful UK visit visa application People often ask me different questions when they want to apply for UK visit visa from Pakistan. I have highlighted below some questions and responded to them. It is imperative that the applicants fulfil Immigration Rules and also pay attention to minute details of their application in order to [...]


How work permit and visa fraudsters Lure People into giving them their Hard-Earned Money UK work permits and lottery email scams have been appearing in people’s inboxes for quite some time now and the number is ever-rising. First, it was easier to distinguish between junk email and what was genuine, but with the passage of [...]

Undocumented Economy of Pakistan

  Even though Pakistan has enjoyed a growth rate of approximately more or less five percent per annum in over the last decade, however, the GDP growth has not had a significant reflection in improved poverty and employment levels in the country. Among many stalling factors, informal economy a.k.a undocumented economy a.k.a shadow entrepreneur is a major non-developmental challenge. Of [...]

The UK Visa Refusal Fever

The “what if” factor dominantly prevails, especially, when one wants to or has planned to apply for Immigration visa UK or UK visit visa. Hundreds of questions continue to whirl in one’s mind. Mustering the courage and finally going ahead with applying for UK visa, only to later on know that the visa has been [...]
UK visa from Pakistan

How to Apply For UK Visa from Pakistan | UKvisaconsultants

In order to apply for UK immigration and UK visa from Pakistan; the UK visa from Pakistan and immigration application is to prepared online. Once the UK visa online form filled out and submitted online, the applicant has to book an appointment, once again online, and pay for visa application. On the given date, the [...]

Problems Faced By Pakistanis after Immigration to the UK

Most people immigrate to foreign countries mainly for 2 reasons; economic or joining family. When it comes to UK immigration, it is one of the most complex immigration systems in the world. It is always advisable to hire best UK immigration lawyer to help you with UK immigration process. Until few years back immigration to [...]

Why Most UK Visa Applications Get Refused From Pakistan

May be you are heartbroken after refusal of your UK Visa application or you are considering to apply for UK immigration visa but afraid of rejection? Well, you are quite rightly concerned because unfortunately Pakistan is amongst the top 5 countries with highest refusal rate of UK Visa and Immigration applications. More than 6 out [...]

A Guide to PLAB 2 Visa from Pakistan

Considerably large number of medical doctors from Pakistan sits in Professional Linguistic Assessment Board 2 exam once having passed the prerequisite of PLAB to pursue a career in the field of medicine in the United Kingdom. Here the overriding question which needs to be taken into consideration is when you plan to travel to the [...]

A Guide to UK Immigration from Pakistan

The highly developed economy of the United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world providing great employment, business opportunities, healthcare services and other fringe benefits to its natives. People from all around the world visit UK as it has many tourist attractions and also to settle there in order to enjoy the benefits [...]

A Guide on How to Get Spouse Visa UK

When applying for spouse visa UK from Pakistan, applicants may have concerns flooding their minds. Some of the applicants apply for spouse visa UK from Pakistan by using services of inexperienced consultants resulting in refusal of their application. Once the spouse visa UK is refused, there shall be a right of appeal. One has to [...]
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