Business Visa Refusal – Wrong Documentation

Proposition: “A” is an employee of a national company in Lahore, Pakistan and made an application for UK business visit visa in 2015 to attend business meetings with corporate buyers in the UK. “A” enclosed the required company’s financial documents, a letterhead of the company giving details of their business, his salary slips, with details of his stay in the UK and with the invitation letter from the UK buyers. However the visa was refused. “A” consulted UK Visa Consultants.

Advice: After perusal of the refusal decision, we advised “A” that there was no point in challenging the refusal decision. In our view, appealing the decision by way of a Judicial Review was a waste of time and money as “A” had not provided the right documentation with his application. Therefore, the UK visa officer had rightly refused the application. We advised “A” to make a fresh UK application and also, after analyzing his circumstances, prepared his UK application.

Outcome: successful.