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Successful Family Visit Visa UK Application within 8 days

Successful Family Visit Visa UK Application   Proposition:The applicant is a self-sufficient person, holding assets in Pakistan. The applicant’s immediate family is also present and settled in Pakistan. The applicant has been refused twice family visit visa UK application in the past, despite having strong ties to Pakistan. The Applicant’s last visit visa UK application [...]


  Proposition: “AM” is a businessman who applied for UK visit visa along with his family. AM had visited UK several times in the past. The UK High Commission refused his last application for the reason that he did not disclose a relevant fact i.e. he has had medical treatment in the UK and refused [...]


  Proposition: The Applicant is 65 years old widow, who has lived in Pakistan all her life and is leading a retired life. The Applicant owns a house, a commercial piece of land and has over PKR 3 million in her bank account. The Applicant had travelled to many countries in the past. The Applicant’s [...]

Deception vs Innocent Mistake 2

  Proposition: “BM” is a businesswoman who applied for UK visit visa from Pakistan on the basis that her brother in UK invited her over for a short visit. “BM” enclosed her brother’s sponsorship letter with her application. The British High Commission called the brother in UK and told him they were calling from Abu [...]


  Proposition: The applicant is employed. His wife already had entry clearance (visa) for the UK. The couple planned to visit the UK for tourism purposes so the applicant made his visa application. However, the application was refused a UK visa for the reason that the applicant did not have sufficient money available in his [...]


  Proposition: “JW” is a retired person, surviving on pension and the money he receives from his daughter from the UK every month. “JW” applied for visit visa; with the help of his daughter; for himself and wife to visit their daughter and grandchildren in the UK. However, their UK visa applications were refused on [...]


  Proposition: “KR” was issued with UK multiple-entry visit visa, valid for 5 years. Three months later “KR” flew to London Heathrow but was detained and removed back to Pakistan on the next flight by the UK Immigration Authorities on the basis that he had not provided satisfactory evidence of his identity, nationality or lawful [...]


  Preposition: We prepared “NU’s” family UK visit visa application. However, the ECO refused to grant entry clearance on the pretext that NU did not have sufficiently strong economic ties to Pakistan and that Paragraph 41 (i) (ii) {now 4.2 a,b,c} of the UK Immigration Rules is not met. The application was refused because the [...]

UK Family Permit Visa Application

  Proposition: The applicant is married to an EEA national (Netherlands) exercising European treaty rights in the UK. Treaty rights means that the person is a European national, living and working in the UK.  The applicant wanted to join her husband in the UK. Since UK immigration laws do not apply to European nationals or their [...]

UK visa from Pakistan

How to Apply For UK Visa from Pakistan | UKvisaconsultants

In order to apply for UK immigration and UK visa from Pakistan; the UK visa from Pakistan and immigration application is to prepared online. Once the UK visa online form filled out and submitted online, the applicant has to book an appointment, once again online, and pay for visa application. On the given date, the [...]

Good news for our UAE clients

Our lawyer from UK shall be in Abu Dhabi office from 17 April to 19 April 2019. You can make appointment by calling 00971-55-8063960 or 00923094471858 (Appointment charges apply) www.ukvisaconsultants.com

Recent changes in UK Home Office immigration and nationality fees for Visas applications made outside the UK.

Fees category Current Fee New fee from 29 March 2019 Fee Change Visit visa < 6 months £93 £95 £2 Visit visa < 2 years £350 £361 £11 Visit visa < 5 years £636 £655 £19 Visit visa <10 years £798 £822 £24 Visiting academic – more than 6 months but no more than 12 […]

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