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Family Visit Visa UK Application Accepted in Three Weeks

Proposition:The applicant is a widow. She wanted to see her daughter who is a British Citizen, present and settled in the UK with her family. The applicant does not have any property in Pakistan nor has considerably large bank balance. In fact she only has very little money in her bank account but she is [...]

Successful Family Visit Visa UK application

  Successful Family Visit Visa UK Application Proposition:The applicant works for a multinational company in Pakistan. He has been refused UK family visit visa twice in the past. There were quite a few entries in his bank statement coupled with other confusion in his documentation which were severely damaging his credibility and thus visa refusals. [...]

UK PLAB Visa Application for Doctor in Pakistan

  Proposition: The applicant is a MBBS graduate who recently qualified from a Private medical college in Pakistan. The applicant is registered with GMC in England and is enrolled for PLAB 2 exam. The applicant has successfully completed his PLAB 1 test in the past and recently finished his house job. The applicant was not sure [...]

Successful UK Visit Visa application

Proposition: The applicant is an army officer. He has been to the UK several times before. He wanted to make a fresh visa application to see his extended family member present and settled in the UK. However he was not sure if he satisfies immigration rules on this occasion. Advice: We were engaged to assess merits of [...]

USA Visit Visa Application B1/B2 for a Family in Pakistan

  Proposition: A family, consisting of husband, wife and 3 children wanted to visit the USA for holidays. They have prior travelling history to the UK, when we prepared their UK family visit visa application few years back. Their circumstances were slightly changed from last time. Advice: We were already aware of their financial, familial and personal [...]


  Proposition: “A” is an employee of a national company in Lahore, Pakistan and made an application for UK business visit visa in 2015 to attend business meetings with corporate buyers in the UK. “A” enclosed the required company’s financial documents, a letterhead of the company giving details of their business, his salary slips, with [...]

US Visit Visa Application B1/B2

  Proposition: The applicant wants to visit the USA to attend a conference to read a paper. The applicant has letter from the employer’s company confirming they would bear cost of the trip. The applicant is a teacher and immediate family is present and settled in Pakistan. However, the US visit visa application has been refused [...]


  Proposition: “C” is a Pakistani National living in Pakistan who recently got married to a British National settled in the UK. “C’s” husband is working in the UK as an employed person. “C” wanted to join her husband on a spouse visa. Advice: “C” is required to show that her husband in the UK [...]


Proposition: “SR’s” son is holding a residence permit in the UK on the basis that he is married to a Romanian National and both are living and working in the UK (wife exercising Treaty Rights). “SR” has been financially and emotionally dependent on her son living in the UK, after death of her husband and [...]

UK Visit Visa Refusal

  Proposition: “SK” is 50 years old housewife who has lived all her life in Pakistan with her family that includes her husband and other children. She applied for visit visa to be with her son and his family (8 weeks) in the UK. “SK” held a sound bank balance for the purpose of the [...]

UK spouse visa Application

Family Visit Visa UK Application

Proposition:The Applicant is running her own private special education school. She herself applied for family visit visa UK application to visit her brother, A British National present and settled in the UK. However the visa application was refused with no right of appeal. The visa officer was not satisfied with her financials and familial ties with Pakistan [...]

Mother of a Child in UK

  Proposition: “SB” has separated from her husband (but not divorced). “SB’s” children, 2 daughters and 1 son (under 18 years old) are British citizens because of their father’s British Nationality and had relocated to the UK in 2010 without her. “SB” applied for spouse visa in the past when she was separated from her [...]

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