The UK Visa Refusal Fever

The UK Visa Refusal Fever The “what if” factor dominantly prevails, especially, when one wants to or has planned to apply for Immigration visa UK or UK visit visa. Hundreds of questions continue to whirl in one’s mind. Mustering the courage and finally going ahead with applying for UK visa, only to later on know […]
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Undocumented Economy of Pakistan

 Undocumented Economy of Pakistan significant reflection in improved poverty and employment levels in the country. Among many stalling factors, informal economy a.k.a undocumented economy a.k.a shadow entrepreneur is a major non-developmental challenge. Of Pakistan’s Governments binding and obligatory regulation on adherence to taxes, informal economy bypasses the system, but does function parallel to it as all income generated is not […]
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UK WORK PERMITS AND LOTTERY EMAIL SCAMS How work permit and visa fraudsters Lure People into giving them their Hard-Earned Money UK work permits and lottery email scams have been appearing in people’s inboxes for quite some time now and the number is ever-rising. First, it was easier to distinguish between junk email and what […]
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Making a successful visa application

Making successful UK visit visa application

People often ask me different questions when they want to apply for the UK visit visa from Pakistan. I have highlighted below some questions and responded to them. It is imperative that the applicants fulfill Immigration Rules and also pay attention to minute details of their application in order to make a successful visitor visa […]
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