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There are different settlement routes which lead to British citizenship. Individuals who intend to apply for British nationality from Pakistan firstly need to choose a visa category which leads to settlement. Once the applicant has obtained settlement or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) as per UK Immigration Laws, he can apply for citizenship through Naturalization.

There are certain requirements that need to be followed prior to making an application for British citizenship. Individuals who intend to apply for British nationality from Pakistan should keep in mind that they cannot directly apply for British nationality and must go through an immigration process laid by the Home Office for acquiring British citizenship. Individuals who want to apply for British nationality from Pakistan needs to obtain a visa first, live in the UK for 5 years and get Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK or settlement status before making an application for British citizenship. In case an individual has a British national spouse, the time period for residence in the UK is also 5 years. The application of British citizenship could be made at least after 12 months of having settlement status or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. The Home Office requires an individual applying for British citizenship:

  • To be 18 years of age
  • To be mentally stable
  • To be meeting the residence requirements
  • To be meeting the Good Character Requirement
  • To have life in the UK test certificate
  • To be a national of an English speaking country or have had qualification in English language of B1 level, or an approved degree from a recognized university meeting the English language criteria.
  • Not having a serious criminal record in the UK or overseas
  • And lastly, have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or permanent residence in the UK as an EEA national.

Requirements for British Citizenship

The requirements for British citizenship are discussed in detail below:

Residence Requirement for applicant intending to apply for British nationality from Pakistan

Applicant who is on settlement route cannot have absences of more than 450 days in 5 years and 90 days (after ILR) in 12 months from the date of application.

The question “Do you get a British passport if you marry a British citizen?” is pretty commonly asked. UK Spouse visa is a British naturalization route if all the stages defined by the UK Home Office are completed legally. To clarify any ambiguity when applying for British citizenship from Pakistan, consult UK immigration lawyers at UK Visa Consultants.

Good Character Requirement for Applicant Intending To Apply For British Nationality from Pakistan

The applicant has to demonstrate that he is a law abiding resident who respects laws of the UK, has fulfilled his duties as a resident and bears a good character during the time span he has lived in the UK. The applicant should not be involved in any illegal or criminal activity. The Home Office checks the records of an applicant for any such matter.

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In case, Home Office finds out that the applicant has been charged with a felony in the UK or overseas, the applicant has to wait for a certain period of time depending on the length of sentence. If the applicant has been convicted for 4 years or more then he, she may not stand eligible for British nationality ever.

If the applicant is convicted of deception when dealing with the Home Office or has been found illegally entered the UK, abrogated immigration authorities or abused life in the UK test etc., a 10 year ban is placed before UK Nationality application can be made.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) records are regularly followed by the Home Office to check whether or not the applicant has had work in the UK in the past 10 years in regards to the immigration conditions attached to his/her visa. For detailed understating of the British citizenship requirements, consult UK immigration lawyers at UK Visa Consultants.

English Language Requirement for Applicant Intending To Apply For British Nationality from Pakistan

An applicant applying for British citizenship or British nationality has to fulfill English Language requirements by having either:

  • Qualification in English or UKVI B1 level skills
  • Being a national of an English speaking country

There are certain scenarios under which the applicant is exempted from the English Language requirement which include him/ her being 65 years of age or above, having any mental or physical disability or belonging to a country which the Home Office does not require such evidence from.

Life in the UK Test requirement for applicant intending to apply for British nationality from Pakistan

An applicant requires passing Life in the UK test, if the applicant hasn’t passed it during ILR. Life in the UK Test has to be cleared when applying for British citizenship.

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UK Visa Consultants have a team of UK immigration lawyers and barristers who provides step by step guidance from the initiation of the UK visa application to the process of naturalization. Our UK immigration lawyers are well versed with the UK Immigration Laws and Home Office policies. Our expertise include counseling on UK visa application, Leave to remain, Indefinite Leave to Remain and Naturalization applications etc. UK Visa Consultants assess each case meticulously and prepare the grounds for Naturalization.

Reconsideration of British Citizenship Refusal

In case the application for British Citizenship is declined, the applicant can make an application to the Home Office for reconsideration of refusal decision on British citizenship. The grounds of reconsideration of the refusal decision should be strong enough to convince the Home Office. UK Visa Consultants having more than 15 years of expertise can provide the needed guidance when making the reconsideration application to the Home Office. Our credible team of UK immigration lawyers can assess your circumstances and the refusal decision and prepare strong grounds for reconsideration of the British citizenship application.

The Refusal decision of British citizenship application can be challenged if the Home Office refuses it for the second time. The refusal decision can be challenged through Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal.

Our UK lawyers and Barristers are competent enough to challenge rejection of application on any stage of UK immigration and also represent clients before the Upper Tribunal, if required.

When applicants are experiencing the immigration issues and are not quite familiar with the stages and the requirements of British citizenship, it is recommended to hire only the best UK immigration consultants in Pakistan for step by step guidance. UK Visa Consultants being one of the best UK immigration lawyers and barristers are expert in UK Immigration Laws and Home Office policies. Our experienced UK immigration consultants are well adept at handling complicated cases knowing all the legalities and technicalities of the UK immigration laws.

How Long Does It Take To Get British Citizenship?

One of the frequently asked questions by the applicants is “How long does it take to get British citizenship? “From the date of submission of the British citizenship application it approximately takes 3 months for the naturalization process however, it may take longer under certain conditions. It is observed that online UK Naturalization application takes less time.

UK Citizenship Cost

UK citizenship cost for an applicant intending to apply for British nationality from Pakistan is £1,330.  However, it is advised to check UK citizenship cost before making an application as it is subject to frequent changes.

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