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Tier 2 General Visa Extension UK in 2021【Complete Guide】

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Tier 2 Visa Applications from Pakistan 2021:

The first challenge after getting an educational degree is to secure a decent job with a reasonable salary. 

With the increasing number of graduates every year, the saturated job market of Pakistan has less to offer.

Talented graduates not only want to land a lucrative job but also want to utilize their talents, skills, and education practically. With high job demand in the market and fewer employment opportunities, graduates usually fly out to different countries to build their futures.

The United Kingdom is deemed as a land of opportunities for many. The number of Tier 2 visa applications from Pakistan has seen a rise in recent years.

Tier 2 Visa UK allows an individual to reside in the UK for up to 5 years if a licensed UK employer has offered a skilled job.

 It is imperative to get a Tier 2 Visa once the applicant has obtained a job in the UK. 

Individuals should bear in mind that the job letter from the employer in the UK is not solely relied on, other factors are to be taken into consideration when making tier 2 visa applications from Pakistan. 

Only the best UK immigration lawyer should be hired to optimize the chances of success for Tier 2 visa applications from Pakistan.

UK Visa Consultants is one of the most experienced and qualified teams of UK lawyers and Barristers who advise and represent applications in their Tier 2 visa applications from outside the UK, especially Pakistan.

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Tier 2 visa processing time

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Requirements for Tier 2 Visa Application from Pakistan?

Like each UK visa category, Tier 2 visa UK has also certain requirements that an applicant has to comply with.

 The following requirements are to be met in order to apply for Tier 2 Visa from Pakistan:

  • If you have attained a skilled job in the UK.
  • You have a job offer from a licensed sponsor (your employer) to work and reside in the UK.
  • English proficiency by passing an approved English language test with at least CEFR level B1 in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Having an academic qualification taught in English and recognized by UK NARIC as being equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or Ph.D. would exempt the applicant from taking an English proficiency test.
  • Outside the UK if your offered job salary is at least £ 30,000 per annum.
  • Have a personal savings of £945 in your bank for the last 3 months or your sponsor may also certify you for maintenance purposes.

For accurate guidance on the Tier 2 Visa requirements and other documents, seek advice from UK Visa Consultants for a sound Tier 2 Visa application from Pakistan.

We at UK Visa Consultants counsel our clients on how to prepare convincing Tier 2 Visa applications and relevant documents complying with the UK Immigration Rules and Home Office policies.

Tier 2 Visa application Process from Pakistan?

Once you have been offered a skilled job in the UK, you need to align and prepare relevant documents to support your Tier 2 Visa application from Pakistan.

The applicant is advised to provide accurate information and suitable supporting documents for the Tier 2 Visa application from Pakistan to be successful.

Tier 2 Visa application processing time from Pakistan is on average 2-3 weeks from the date of submission.

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Tier 2 Visa application fee from Pakistan

UK Visa fees are revised every year. If the work visa duration is less than 3 years then the visa fee charged is £610 if you are applying for Tier 2 Visa application from Pakistan or Tier 2 Visa application from outside the UK.

This fee is doubled if the work visa duration is more than 3 years.

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UK Visa Consultants can help with Tier 2 applications from Pakistan?

UK Visa Consultants is a team of dedicated, diligent, and highly competent UK immigration lawyers and barristers in Lahore who provide authentic advice for different categories of UK visas such as General Visit Visa UK, Family Visit Visa UK, Sole Representative of Overseas Business Visa UK, Spouse Visa UK.

Our UK immigration lawyers in Lahore evaluate each case meticulously providing the tailored solutions in the best interest of valued clients.

UK Visa Consultants provides thorough guidance on Tier 2 Visa application preparation and relevant documentation required by the Home Office after assessing the client’s personal, financial and familial circumstances.

We strictly comply with the UK Immigration Laws and Home Office policies so only assist clients in an ethical manner and advise them to do the same when attaching relevant documents for Tier 2 Visa application from Pakistan.

 UK Visa Consultants have an excellent track record of making tactful and successful Tier 2 Visa applications from Pakistan and intend to continue benefiting the masses with their expertise.

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